Sunday, 12 April 2015


Prevention is the best treatment ever! We need to know and understand our bodies. One thing, we cannot do this alone. No one better than our family doctor to help. If you don’t have one yet, try to find one right away. Having a great relationship with our doctor is extremely important.

After all, together we’ll be caring for our health. We need to feel comfortable with them, and need to have good communication. You should be able to discuss with them minor issues to very intimate ones too. If you don’t feel either way about your doctor, don’t hesitate to look for another health care provider. Remember you can’t jeopardize your own health.

Keep your annual check-ups up to date. This way if anything should come up, you caught it at an early stage, and prevent major setbacks. Another way of prevention is getting to know your own body. Keep track if necessary get a journal (I keep one) get in the habit of understanding your own body. Begin with your allergies, what reactions do you have with certain foods or medications. Keep track of you menstrual cycle (include your symptoms) and your breast exams are very important. Begin working along with your doctor to improve your health. Consider Prevention the best remedy ever!

Cecilia Fernandes


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