Monday, 30 March 2015

When am I carnal in my marriage or dating?

Perhaps many women do not realize it, but they are carnal in their marriage, let's take a few examples:

• when she is unruly, does not recognize the authority of the husband as head of the family. We are not talking about a blind submission, that is, you do not have to be subjected to wrong things that go against the word of God.
• when she is emotional, causing problems that do not exist or wanting to solve problems on the basis of emotion
 when she condones the wrong doings her husband does.
• when she speaks out of turn, not discerning the right moment

These are some examples that have even destroyed many marriages. Watch how you have been acting towards your husband.

Now let's talk to the single ladies, so they may check whether or not they have been fleshly in their dating. Do not forget that every time you are careless in your relationship, giving way to the desires of your flesh, you are displeasing God and showing that you do not care about His word.
Also, by accepting to be in a relationship with someone who does not have the same faith, you are being fleshly and not thinking about your spiritual life.

So here are some tips so that you are not fleshly while dating:

   - Avoid staying in isolated places with no one around. I used to date in the living room, my sister and my mom were always around. It is always good to have someone around.
- Prolonged kisses are also dangerous, better avoid.
- Never date in dark places
- No hands all over each other's bodies
- Do not let your body “glued” to each other
- Respect the curfews imposed by parents
- When going out, go to public places, do not stay alone in reserved areas.
- If he wants to take you to his home, or to a friend’s whose parents are not home, reject this invitation, say you prefer to go to the park, go bowling or something else, but show firmness, do not ask his opinion in this matter.
- Do not sit on his lap
- Do not send seductive pictures, or pictures that show more than you should to awake his desire.
- Do not stay in the car parked in the dark
- Never enter each other’s room
- Never be alone at home, if you two are left alone you will not be able to restrain yourselves.
Hope I have helped, leave your comments below, or if you want you can add something to our short list.


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