Wednesday, 18 March 2015

I am very overloaded

            Hi girls, how are you? Let’s be more dynamic here in the blog sharing our experiences. We have learned so much from each other, haven’t we? Today I’ll talk about something that I went through years ago, and how it affected me; today when I talk to people, I see how it affects their lives as well. We all have our battles and challenges; do not be deceived thinking that life is a fairytale because it is not! But how do I react to them? Do I give in or do I trust?  

Well this is where I want to get. Many people feel overloaded and almost give in because they do not only carry their own battles, they want to carry their family battles too. And let me tell you that nothing is more difficult than to take on a burden that doesn’t belong to us. You may ask, doesn’t God teach us to take on each other’s burden? Even though God left us that bible verse He never said that we should interfere or do what others don’t want to do. And even if there are many needs, God does not impede us to satisfy all of them. Many are the times that we suffocate ourselves with battles that are not even ours. 

We have and must always fight for those who are ours and others too, but never letting it interfere on our relationship with God, or even affect our faith. We can’t forget that the devil wants to add stones in our bags; and the more he adds to it, the heavier it will become. He will keep doing so as long as you handle this weight. So throw away all these stones and be free today. Take on the yoke of God which is gentle and light. And for that burden, give it in God’s hands. Is there anyone better than Him to solve our problems?

The strategy of the devil is that when you are anxious and carrying a burden you can’t give yourself completely in God’s arms, revealing that you don’t trust Him 100%. When a person surrenders she trusts; there’s no place to carry hers or someone else’s burden. Yes there’s a normal worry that draws us close to God, because we are sure that He is the best solution for what we need; it makes us depend and trust in Him completely. But there is also a harmful concern which is the one that draws us away as if saying that He’s not powerful enough, that He lost control of the situation and we cannot trust in Him. Have you ever thought about every time you doubted or placed God in this situation? Never forget that all our restlessness and worry come when we exclude God from our plans. Most of all, we need to remember who God is and what He can do.

Next week I will continue this subject. If it helped you, or you realized that you have been stuck or even turned back because you’ve been caring burdens that you were not supposed to, leave your comments bellow. This way we can help each other, because together we are strong. Share the messages of the blog. Let’s reach as many women as we can for the kingdom of God. Can I count on you? Sweet kisses.

Catia Rubim


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