Monday, 22 September 2014

Walking towards Jesus 13 – She’s to blame

We will continue with our posts so that you may identify what it is that’s holding you back from having an encounter with our Lord Jesus.

Perhaps you have been acting as a victim all this time and been seeking whom to blame for your bad behavior.
I once knew a young women who would always say that she would get irritated and would scream because of her mom, according to her, her mom would get her out of her nerves and that was why she was aggressive.

What happens in most of the cases is that the person doesn’t like being contradicted, confronted, or hear a “no”, and when that happens she gets irritable and manifests what is within her, aggressiveness and nervousness, the person simply can’t dominate her character.

This means that there hasn’t been a change within and that there is no effort to seize that change, it is easier to say, “it’s her fault”, “I am like that because she provokes me”, “I have to scream because she doesn’t understand me”, etc.

My friends, we know that that’s not true, the person is that way because she doesn’t want to change, she doesn’t want to please God, she doesn’t want to deny her flesh and she allows herself to be taken by her emotions, not acting rightfully but acting with her flesh.

As we know, whoever lives in the flesh can’t have an encounter with God who is Spirit. So stop to think about your actions and how much time you’ve wasted being in church, but not having a true inner change.

If you wish to invest more in your interior, read the “Beauty Stain Series” in video clips and make the decision to be different.

Who has reacted this way? Leave your comment.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mrs Tania

I realized that I did not receive my encounter with God even though I was in the church for a long time. This is because when things became tough on the journey to seeking the new birth; I would always become a victim. Instead of removing things in my life that were standing in the way of my new birth; I would make excuses to accommodate those things; and eventually I would find myself back at square one after falling into temptation.

The fact is, the road to seeking new birth is one that requires discipline.

Anonymous said...

I'm taken off by this post. This is me, all the time. The worst part is that I am making someone else who is trying by all means to help but I have been acting all on my impulse. I need Jesus to help me through this. It's terrible and now knowing the difference between remorse and true regret!
Thanks Mrs Tania

Anonymous said...

I meant to write ...making someone else suffer...

Rajani said...

Hi Mrs. Tania,

This is true. The people around us are not always at fault. We make mistakes and have to be someone with and of character to face them. I sometimes have a bad tone of voice when I get angry. Sometimes it is fair or might be alright but most times it is not okay. It shows that I need to be more patient and/or have more self control.

Thanks for sharing,
Rajani, UK

Katiusca Guzmán said...

That's true Mrs. Tania, when we blame others is because we do not really want to change. With this serie I'm knowing myself very much.

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