Friday, 19 September 2014

He was sad!

The city was desolate, the walls demolished, the gates burned, the people in misery; things couldn’t get any worse, the situation was dramatic.

Nehemiah lived in the castle, he was the King’s cupbearer. So, when he heard about the people of Israel’s situation, he became sad.
His sadness wasn’t about himself because he was doing good. He was eating and sleeping well, he was surely wearing fine clothes since he wouldn’t serve the king anyhow. So, as soon as he found out how Israel was, there was sadness on his face. He knew he would have to forget about himself and do something for the people and for the city.

Why have you been sad? For the people or for yourself? Why have you been crying? For the situation of the people or for yours?

You can see that he wasn’t a prophet, no one told him he would be in charge of helping the people and rebuilding the city, that came from him. He had a predisposition to do something and he started to take action.

Often, we expect someone to send us to serve or to do anything. There may be no initiative, no concern to help. Many people also think that they need to have a position in the church to be used by God, but we can see that it’s not the case.

Nehemiah took the responsibility and got to work.
And what about you? Do you live in your own little world, or have you looked around to see what else you can do for those who are suffering?

What are you thinking to do to put the walls back up, ie those who are fallen?


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