Wednesday, 6 August 2014

What holds you back the most? – Insecurities

If we were to ask, who likes being insecure? The response will be immediate, no one.
So what to do when insecurities present themselves. When we don’t know what to do, when we are confused and don’t know what attitude to take.

It is not easy to combat insecurities, but of course it is possible, it all starts within your self. The security that all women seek comes when our inner self is at ease. When we believe in God and in ourselves and we don’t minimize nor diminish ourselves.

Anxiety, emotions, and negative thoughts don’t help us to be sure of ourselves. When we allow them to take control we always make the wrong decisions or we simply don’t take any decisions and this is in all matters.

Those insecure of themselves tend to be anxious, emotional or full of negative thoughts such as:

-I can’t
-I can’t do it
-Who am I?
-I would never be able to do that
-I am not capable
-She will do it better

All of those things that you think of yourself, make you insecure and prevent you of taking action.
You are insecure of your appearance, your capacity, to make decisions and take action, to chose the people you should get acquainted with, in your spiritual life, etc.
The worse thing of being insecure is that the person asks for others opinion in everything. She becomes dependent of others and is easily influenced; this problem becomes bigger when she asks the wrong person for their opinion, who guides her wrongly. Since she is insecure she prefers to go by others leads, than by her own.

So how then do we combat insecurities and the fears that appear in our path?
-First of all we need to recognize that we need of God for everything, that without Him we can’t do anything.
-Avoid making comparisons, everyone is different and has their own value.
-Be calm, for we know we belong to God, and He will take care of every detail.
-Appreciate other people’s qualities, but know that you have your own.
-Believe in yourself.

Seek that assurance through a relationship with God and learn to see yourself differently.
Next Wednesday we will talk about the syndrome of perfection.

Do you consider yourself insecure?


Hellena said...

Thank you Mrs Tania for the post,i have been this person who is very insecure and have been living my life based on other peoples opinions and perceptions about me and i must say it is really hurting and destroying me. But i love what you said that i can only overcome through my relationship with God.

Unami said...

When we understand that God is the one who will help us in everything - we won't fear to take an initiative, he made us perfectly - we wont despise our looks and compare ourselves to other people and is fully aware of every little detail that take place in our lives, we will be secure with ourselves. Thank you for the post

joy said...

Insecurity is one of the aspect that a person would probably fall. They tried to be something they never used before and tries to compete among others. insecurity looses self-confidence and will make a person pathetic or shall we say paranoid but insecurities has always cure just try to love oneself and avoid comparing your life , actions and status to others. Try to visit my site . Thank you.

Meredith Asamoah said...

I depended a lot on others about how I saw myself before. I'm someone who has a desire to do many things but I still have these little insecurities that just don't want to go away, sometimes it goes for a while but then pops up every now and again. Thank you for your advice

Leslie Lim said...

I read your blog.I thought it was great.. Hope you have a great day. God bless.


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