Monday, 4 August 2014

Walking towards Jesus 6 - Conversion, new birth and Baptism with the Holy Spirit

There are many doubts regarding this matter and it being the fundamental and base of our entire life with God I must talk about it.
Each one of these steps is essential, and everything occurs in the correct order, one depends of the other. However, there are many people that confuse being converted with having a new birth, or they think they are baptized with the Holy Spirit without having being born of God. To put an end to all those contradictions, we will go into details of each topic. Each one of you will have to reflect about your conditions before God.
Today we will begin by speaking about conversion.
Think with me, would you ever consult someone who claimed to be a doctor, but never studied to be one? Of course not, the least that can happen is that they will provide you with a wrong diagnose of your health. Or you could get prescribed the wrong medication and could end up dying. Such person is not capable of fulfilling the profession and because of that they can’t carry on that responsibility.
The same happens with those that want to do the work of God without being born of Him, nor baptized with the Holy Spirit. They will be occupying a place that doesn’t correspond them, and taking part something without being capacitated for it. Such scenario could end up being a danger to herself, since she is dealing with souls and also for the ones that are under her spiritual responsibility.
Lets take a look at what should be the order in which everything occurs; when we arrive at church in most of the cases we are ignorant to the Word of God, and I include myself, destroyed and problematic. After hearing the Word of God, it convinces us of sin and the wrongful life that we had. The Word, which has Spirit is true and it materializes, it penetrated in our interior, it hurt many times, since it was against the will of our flesh, but we decided to accept it and believe in the word of God and we were set free. As a consequence we begin to abandon sin, and wrongful things, lies and betrayal. We become loyal to God, overall we accept Jesus as our Lord and decide to take everything seriously. We no longer wanted to suffer nor be subject to this treacherous world that used to cause us displeasures. We also decide to get baptize in the waters which is the cleansing of sins. By taking such action we are recognizing that we had a sinful life but are repented and that from that point forward we would begin a new story with God.
This is all part of conversion, but it does not mean that the person that is converted has been born of God. Of course conversion will collaborate so that the new birth occurs, since no one can be born of God without being converted first.

Next week we will talk about the new birth.

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