Monday, 7 July 2014

Walking towards Jesus - 2

Hello girls, I would like to start off thanking you for leaving your comments in the previous post, today I will answer your questions!

We will first talk about obeying the word of God. Some said that they obey due to a fear of losing their salvation; others said that they simply can’t obey.
However, a country has laws not so that its citizens live in fear or frightened, but to maintain order, peace and so that we could all live in harmony and safety.
It is the same with the law of God, we should obey so that we could have the peaceful life that He promised us. God doesn’t want us to live with that fear, but He wants us to have consciousness that our obedience is for our own benefit.

Now lets talk about understanding what we read. Some are lazy to think, others don’t know what to read and others don’t understand anything. They get discouraged, and end up not reading the bible anymore.

I will leave you with some tips that will help you understand what you read:
*Do a prayer before reading the bible.
*Don’t read the bible when you are in a hurry, like when you only have 5 minutes to leave the house or else you miss the bus.
*Don’t read while thinking in a dozen of other things that you have to do, that will simply take your concentration away.
*Separate a time and place in which you can concentrate, it doesn’t have to be hours, if you read with the desire to learn and hear the voice of God, He will speak to you.
*Whenever you run into a word that you don’t know it’s meaning, look it up in the dictionary, that way you will be able to fully understand the verse. If it is easier for you, buy a bible with modern language.
*The more you read, the more you will understand. That happened to me when I starting coming to church.
*If you have never read the bible, start with the New Testament, it is simpler for you to understand.
*Don’t advance to a new chapter if you have not yet digested what you read previously, or if you are still meditating in what it is that God wants to speak to you.

Lastly I would like to talk about fear. Some said that they don’t obey the word but they have fear.
Understand that fear leads us to obedience, if you don’t obey; perhaps you don’t have the fear (respect) for the word of God as you may think to have, be careful with that. The word of God is not difficult to obey and it is not a burden or heavy load, for those that are willing to please God. Obedience is a pleasure, it turns into something natural, of course we need to always be vigilant so that the situations of our day to day don’t make us disobey, and if we happen to fail in something, we have to ponder on it and not do it again.

I hope I helped you all, let me know in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Thank you

Mbalee B said...
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Mbalee B said...

Good day Mrs Tania

Yes it does help, I always get this question from the ladies I am in the YPG with; " how do I read the Bible" and my answer would always be read it to obey it and not as a story book, I don't think that helps much, but your message certainly makes a lot of sense.

Thank you for sharing it. I'll share it with others

Anonymous said...

mrs Tania

My name is Sarah, thank you very much, we should obey the word of GOD because we love Him and is our pleasure to please Him.

Nosimphiwo Dambuza (P.E RSA) said...

Good Day Mrs Tania

Thank you for this message, I agree with you when you say that we should obey so that we have a peaceful life he has promised to us. I know this personally, every time I think and realise that I have obeyed Jesus I have an amazing joy and peace in me that cannot be explained and I see some of the things he has promised taking place in my life. Very true Mrs Tania.

Anonymous said...

Thank you miss

Abigail Mapanda said...

I read the bible and sometimes l don't understand. Thank you for letting me know that am not supposed to move further if l don't understand

Abigail Mapanda said...

I read the bible and sometimes l don't understand. Thank you for letting me know that am not supposed to move further if l don't understand

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