Tuesday, 8 July 2014

What holds you back the most?

Hello friends, today I would like to ask, what troubles you the most? Is it a complexion, fear, uncertainty, shines, or the syndrome of perfection?

These are things that affect most women, if not all of them at least some; even I have been troubled by them in different stages of my life.

This is why every Wednesday I will write about each one of them individually.  How I realized they were things that were harming me, and how I overcame them.

Don’t think there is no solution for you, that you will never see yourself free of the things that imprison you, don’t think that way; you will see how you can overcome.

It doesn’t matter if you have been carrying this since your childhood, or if you began to unfold this kind of behavior because of a situation you went through.  What is important now is how you overcome all of this and yank out the roots.

I will be awaiting your responses. Get ready because next Wednesday I will share how I overcame my complexes.

Until then, kisses!


Mmapitso said...

Thank you Mrs Tania i cant wait for the posts,to read and learn from them but most of all to apply it in my life as i have been struggling to overcome them but now it time to tap out of them and am ready,thank you..

Naomie Bitshilualua said...

I can't wait!

Maggie Kadima said...

I can't wait!!

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