Friday, 18 July 2014

I’m labeled

Have these words ever crossed your mind? How many people are hopeless because such words echo in their minds day after day?

Maybe something happened with you in the past that isn’t, let’s say, very praiseworthy; or maybe you were misunderstood in a situation or you made a mistake; or maybe you were even rebuked or punished; now, because of that, you have the fixed idea that there’s no more future for you in the work of God. People will no longer trust you, you will be given the shoulder because you are "labeled" and this past will haunt you throughout your life.

My friend, no one is free of making mistakes. I know no one likes to make mistakes but sometimes we make mistakes when trying to set things right, don’t we?
Whatever your case, if you repented for having done something that displeased God, the first step is to repent and then to accept God's forgiveness.
There are people who ask for forgiveness but they can’t believe that they are forgiven, and others believe in God's forgiveness but don’t forgive themselves.
So they keep "punishing" themselves by doing that, they criticise themselves, they blame themselves and they can’t get out of the situation. They are stuck in time, sad, full of accusations; they don’t feel pleasure in the things of God, they are completely disappointed with themselves.

My friend, you need to react, you need to forgive yourself and move on.
Sometimes we are harsher with ourselves than God himself. Don’t keep up with this attitude of self-punishment, move on, learn from your mistakes but don’t let them destroy you.
Move on!

If you are going through this, leave your comment, because maybe this is a weight in your life and the devil has been taking advantage to attack your mind with negative thoughts and you have been accepting them.


Naomie Bitshilualua said...

That true because sometimes we still thinking about are mistakes and think like we could change what we need. But we can't! And when we think we keep the pain in are minds and heart.

Anonymous said...

When we label ourselves after committing a mistake, we are dealing with it in an emotional way. We have to get up, repent and move on. It's a time to keep our eyes on God and remove anything in our lives that threatens to lead us back into the same mistake. Intelligent faith is so important. We are just adding fire to the fuel when we obsess about our shortfalls. Where there is life there is hope; and our hope is in Jesus. Took me years to learn this.

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