Sunday, 20 July 2014

Walking towards Jesus 4 – Do you value yourself?


We carry on in our walk to Jesus and every Monday we talk about something that will help us get to Him, don’t miss a post.

There are many women that don’t value themselves, and they don’t manage to do so because of many situations of their past.
To these women little is too much; it is better than nothing. Many feel inferior and even come to think they don’t deserve something better, than friends our colleagues that mistreat her.

Others for the same reasons, chose to seek ways of call attention, even if it isn’t in the best way, like exposing their bodies or being sensual, they think that that’s how they will get their loved one or that someone will give them attention.

When the woman doesn’t value herself, she doesn’t love herself and no one else can do it for her. The way you see yourself and the value that you give yourself is very important. The Lord Jesus values you and loves you; don’t depend on others to value you in order for you to do it yourself.

You need to accept yourself and value yourself, even in your appearance.
That begins when you make a commitment to God, with investment in your spiritual life.
Your valorization is from the inside out, you value yourself in your interior and that will reflect itself in the outside, in your attitude, your appearance, and your choices.

Please answer the following questions in the comment box:
Do you think you consider yourself a woman that values herself?
What attitudes have you taken that show you unvalued yourself?

Do you reject yourself? Why?


Naomie Bitshilualua said...

I am happy with my body and face. I love making pictures from my self. And I like who I am as a person. But sometimes I am to sweet against people. And when I came to the church,I have got some problems with some girls. They used me I was new at the church I didn't know alot and they use that. En with the time that I start to grow in my faith and didn't accept what they will tell me to do for them. And I put my self apart and things start to change in me. But because they make me feel like, I will never change, I will be not able to serve God. Sometimes I don't trust in my self. I feel pain because, they were at the church for to help me. But they put me down. Now I am in a other church. And God wants to use me, and he start already. But is like everytime I this girls saying to me you can't. I want to forget everything that happened in that church. And let God use me in this new church. I will be happy if you answer me. Sorry for my English I'm not from American it England.

Naomie Bitshilualua said...

Sorry for my English I'm not from American or England.

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