Thursday, 5 June 2014

Who are you when you are not in the spotlight?

Hello friends! I would like to start today's post with a question. Who are you when you are out of people’s sight?
In other words, who are you when you leave the physical altar? Or what is your behavior in the church? How is your life?

Many people strive to have an exemplary behavior when they are in church, whether they are already members, assistants or pastors' wives. But when they leave church, they forget that they are Christians and they give a bad testimony.

They are rude, impatient, intolerant, proud, have no understanding; in short, they show a completely opposite character to faith.
When they are inside of the church or in front of spiritual authorities, they like showing a holiness or perfection that do not actually exist at home, in school, at work or when they are between four walls; in fact, they are a completely different person and everything they struggle to pretend fades.

Let’s meditate and see who we are when we are not in the spotlight, when we do not need to show anything to anyone, or prove something.

So the question is: who are you?


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