Sunday, 8 June 2014

Do you know yourself?

I have heard many woman say, “I know my husband like the palm of my hand”, that’s good, but the question is: Do you know yourself?

I believe that the first step a person should take in order to change and grow spiritually is getting to know herself.

If a person does not know herself then how will she be able to work on her inner-self, her character, her habits, or actions?

A strong person is the one that knows her weaknesses, by knowing them she can fight against them. If a person is unaware of her weaknesses she cannot defeat herself. How will she fight if there is no enemy to defeat? When she doesn’t defeat herself, she becomes slave of her mistakes. Her defects will continue to rule over her, no matter how many defects she may have it doesn’t mean that she should accept them and do nothing about it.

Therefore my friends, make it a task to know yourself, don’t be afraid of what you will discover, be afraid of not knowing yourself and giving continuation to the same mistakes and displeasing God in your interior.

Perhaps you will not like what you dig up about yourself but that is part of:

-Discovering who you are
-Accepting it, in other words not ignoring the problem
-Work to change and defeat those weaknesses

So? Will we do this?


Anonymous said...

Dear Tania, this post resonates so much with how I used to be. I also know my husband really well, but I didn't know myself. I didn't fight for who I used to be because I didn't know I had these issues, pride, overly right and correct. When I found out, I cried very much because I was actually praying for every body else, as for me, just a short, small prayer because I didn't think there was something in me to change. But God is really good and He showed me these inner issues. Now, since I found out about this, I'm happier, I have peace, and my entire family as well. It's just what I needed.

Saheeda said...

This 40 day's has really allowed me to do this
I found things like I'm not discreet enough,I'm impatient and I'm fighting to Cchange myself and truly know who I am to improve

Sibongiseni Mahobe said...

Thank u Mrs Tania for sharing, this is very powerful in a way that i am this king of person that always says that people do not understand me. So this article has helped me to understand that i am the one that has not been understanding herself. I always regard myself as someone strong which is a good thing but a strong person is the one that knows her weaknesses, by knowing them she can fight against them. I am not afraid anymore to dig up and know myself as this week i will be meditating on this. Whatever the results i will not run away but i will face them.

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