Friday, 2 May 2014

The Altar or a car?

Its good to be able to remember the choice I made of accepting God’s call to the Altar. In 1997 I met my husband and our communication was only on landline phone, since he had been transferred to another state and at that time there was still no cellphone. This is how my dating with my now husband was, we would only talk by phone. But besides this, I also had to make a decision that would change my life! I was going to graduate on November 20, 1998. I was studying and preparing to be a teacher. I also had a secure place as a teacher at a school, it was in the night shift. During the day I worked with my brother in my father's school, it was an IT school. I was a secretary and took care of the financial side of all that entered and left the school; and on the other hand my brother was a teacher. My father worked in San Paulo, I had not seen him in 3 years until the company was transferred and he returned to live at home. 

The family was together again, that was in December 1997. My father had many plans for the family. I worked, studied, was an assistant, I lived very well, in my house, I always had people looking after the house, cleaning, and fixing my cloths. I lived well, however I knew that the life of a pastor’s wife is sacrifice. I talked to my father and he did not accept, however my mother said to me, “think about it and make your decision”. My father even offered me a car so I wouldn’t go through with marring a pastor. But I sought God with all my heart and strength each day, I would arrive at the church and there the confirmation came to me. To give my life on the Altar, the desire to show others what God did in my life was greater than: a car, graduating, possessions, family, and personal desires. I through myself and did not stop from doing what I was born to do: Serve God and choose the Altar. On November 14, 1998 I got married 6 days before my graduation, I renounced everything so I could win souls, and I was certain that God’s plan for my life was real. I wanted to do the work of God to be a living sacrifice, and I am proud of this choice today!

Today I can say I did not lose anything I won! I won many souls for God, and here I am firm and strong. With the faith of that day which God chose me for the Altar. That was 16 years ago and I have been married for 14 years now. I had this calling before being married to my husband, and now together we are strong and we fight for the same purpose and goal. Serving God on the Altar!

Debora - Amazonas, Brazil


Anonymous said...

When I came to the church I used to think the Pastors and the church are all crazy. Now I am of the people that is crazy saving God. I wish I had done it much sooner.

justin albert said...

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