Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Clingy girlfriend

“I’ve been dating a guy for five months now. When we started dating, I knew he didn’t like me that much but I still accepted to start our relationship. We talk a lot but I'm jealous of him. He recently asked me not to call him anymore; he told me I was calling too much. Even his boss complained to him asking him why I was calling all the time. I was a little sad because I'm his girlfriend and I like him very much. Was he right for asking me not to call, but to wait for him to call me?”

A clingy boyfriend/girlfriend is a very sticky person who sustains a possessive relationship. Normally, it’s a suffocating relationship.
Let’s detect the problems from the root, this attitude of yours of calling all the time is insecurity. You want him to think about you, you want to remind him every single minute that you exist and that you love him. Consequently, you expect the same from him. This is because you started dating without being sure of his feelings for you and not to be matched.
The only thing is that excesses are never healthy and jealousy don’t bring good outcome.
As already stated in previous articles, men enjoy the challenge of conquering. If the woman does not give him that opportunity, he loses interest because she’s taking his place.
You must know your value. If you need to beg for attention and affection, something is wrong.

In this case, you are exaggerating in calling. If his boss even noticed it's because you call at inappropriate times that affect his work.
If he asked you to wait for him to call, then do so. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you, he just doesn’t want to be interrupted at work and he wants to be the one to conquer you. Let him miss you, feel your absence, and have the desire to look for you, because the way you are acting only drives him away even more.
It’s difficult to deal with a clingy and a jealous person, who is insecure, shows weaknesses, distrust, who is always on your back all the time, making the partner feel suffocated.
It's time to use intelligent faith and not let the emotions speak louder. Men don’t like to feel controlled, let him take the initiative; don’t be on his back because it shows insecurity on your part. Let him do something to conquer you, if you keep calling him a lot, he doesn’t even have the opportunity to do it himself, and since he already knows you will call.
If you've ever experienced a relationship like this, leave your comment.

And you? Would you stand a clingy boyfriend?


Anonymous said...

I think that if you give the person space they tend to miss and love you.

mitchel ngarangombe said...

I remember when I was in the world relationship I use to demand very much from my ex-boyfriend, being insecure, cry at some point. I usually very angry when he is not picking his phone, but I came to an understanding through the therapy of love on Thursday and much more now that I am reading Mrs. Tania Blog.. Thank you so much for this guidance and may God use you more

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