Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Hum, you will become a spinster!

“I’ve been in church for six years, I’m a very sad person in my love life, and I suffer a lot. I feel lonely and sad because I have no one. I feel as if something is missing inside of me, I’m scared of a depression, my family also suffers for seeing me sad.”

The fear of being single has tormented many women; the fear of not meeting the significant half, seeing the years passing by and continuing in solitude, makes the person to begin panicking. She starts thinking that she will never be happy, that she is guilty for not finding anyone, that she has no luck in love, and these negative thoughts will keep undermining her faith; not to mention friends and family nagging, always instigating with comments such as "hey, you will become a spinster”.
Now, let's answer the question above, to help all of those who are going through this situation. What is really missing in your life is the encounter with God, because even if you have a boyfriend, if your relationship with God is not good, if you are not doing well inside, if your self-esteem is low, you will keep feeling this emptiness and this sadness that only the Holy Spirit can fill.

Understand the following, it’s not that you shouldn’t fight for your love life, you should; but you must work first on being well spiritually otherwise no boyfriend will give you what God can give you. When you are strong in the faith, fine with yourself, then yes, you will be prepared to make a commitment and you will be completely guided by the will of God, without any mistake and without starting a relationship with inner issues that will surely harm the relationship.
Keep this in mind, your love life depends on your spiritual life and it’s not your spiritual life which depends of your love life; if that’s the case then something is wrong.
Do things in the right order to succeed in all aspects of your life, get your spiritual life together and you will see that God will bless your love life. That’s the only way you will be ready to be happy and make your partner happy.

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Anonymous said...

It is not easy especially being nearl 40 and you have family and friends in your business always reminding you that you are very old and you will never find anyone soon.

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