Sunday, 27 April 2014

What to do to raise my self esteem?

A Woman is not capable of being happy or fulfilled unless she realizes how valuable she is and values her self.

For example those woman that have studied in a University, who are independent economically speaking, if she thinks she is worthless everything she has gained will not mean anything because inside of herself she is still vulnerable, feeling weak and the worst woman in the world.

There are also those who did not have economic conditions to study and purchase nice cloths they feel self-conscious and inferior, begging for attention and accepting abusive relationships and friendship, just because they need to feel "important" in someone's life but in reality they don’t feel that way.

Since they are not able to love themselves, they think that no one will ever love them, they end up with someone who mistreats them but they say that they love them and so she accepts being mistreated just so she wont be alone.

All of this starts by single root, she dose not accept herself, she dose not love herself, she is unable to see her value so therefore is unable to value herself.

Attitudes to take to combat low self-esteem:
-       Stop comparing your self to other woman
-       Appreciate your beauty, your qualities, accept yourself and love yourself
-       Learn to recognize your value and value yourself
-       Stop living for what the magazines and television say
-       Do not accept negative words or offensive  words that leave you sad
-       Invest in yourself
-       Take care of your appearance,  so you could feel good about yourself but do not be a slave of trends
-       But first and most important take care of your inner beauty, so you could have equilibrium and know how valuable you are to God.

Change the way you see yourself, if you are able to discover how valuable you are, your self-esteem will rise and you will be truly happy. When we value are selves we “obligate” others to do the same and we no longer live as hostages to what people think or say about us, nor do we care of pleasing everyone or are scared of not being accepted by others.


Anonymous said...

It is so sad to live life hating on what God gave you. I think there are better things to do than hating me. I can put my life to good use and serve him more.

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