Friday, 21 March 2014

Tired servants

Have you ever seen a person physically tired? She simply doesn’t want to do anything, a soft bed or a good hammock is her greatest desire.
The same applies to people when they are tired in their spiritual life, they are in the work of God, but got tired of obeying, sacrificing, serving, giving, and some even got tired of God.
There is no more love for the work of God, no desire to seek God, pray, meditate on the Bible, they are no longer willing to go where God sends them, they do not want to sacrifice their will, they want back what one day they resigned at the altar, It’s a maze of weakness and a deep spiritual slumber.
These are people who started well, but got lost along the way, they began looking at their own life, taking their eyes off the Lord Jesus, to desire the things of this world and now what its left is a tired servant, weak and dispirited.
” You were running a good race. Who cut in on you to keep you from obeying the truth? ” Galatians 5:7
It’s something to meditate, what prevented you?
Your fleshly desires, lack of fear, spiritual laziness, the removal of the altar, the lack of love for the souls, inconvenient friends, what has led to the spiritual state you are now in?
Lets react my friends, return to the practice of the first works, you do not know how?
Do what you used to do in the beginning, be to God what you were when you first met him, and if you never met him, everything is not lost, fight for that now, but do not accept being a tired servant.
No matter the place, the circumstances, or what is happening around us, the mood must be the same, because God renews us every day.
And you, have you been tired?


ms guni,england said...

I have been here and feeling tired and exhausted

Mbalee B said...

Thank you for this message,

It is really easy for servants to be consumed by the world or rather start feeling tired; when and if what occupies their thoughts and time is their own lives, not that it's wrong to want to succeed or want a certain problem gone, but what we should be doing is what God asks from us, then keep our objectives of serving God above all else...after all where our hearts are is where our treasure is.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing ,I am in that situation ,I felt like I can leave everything and forget about God but what I told my self is that I am not living under feelings, and through this message I am up lifted ,thank you.

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