Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Dealing with the Ex’s ghost

 When you see that your boyfriend has a girlfriend or an ex that he admires, a hard battle begins in your head.
Comparisons start right away and you just don’t accept to be left behind.
If she used to do his will, I will do more; if she used to have a breathtaking appearance, I also will; if she had sex with him, I also will, oops.
Then you start doing things you never imagined, things that you don't even like; but just to prove to him that you are better than the previous one, you are ready to do anything. It doesn’t matter how much you will end up suffering so he can understand that it was worth staying with you.

This path is wrong and tortuous. If you keep up with this, you will even lose your identity, your values. For wanting to be better than the ex, you will do things that displease God; this shows insecurity on your part and low self-esteem.
Instead of you being in this endless struggle, it would be good for you to start investigating on how he was in his previous relationship. In fact, if he made his ex-girlfriend suffer, he will probably do the same to you.
If he ever compared you to his ex-girlfriend in regards to your appearance or your character or in something she used to do, he's not worth it. A respectful man would never do something like that, he doesn't like you and you have to get away from him before you become a puppet in his hands.

Here come some lies that women want to believe:
-       - He would never do to me what he did to the other
-      -  I’m a thousand times better than the previous one
-       - He will be different with me
-       - The attitude he had with her wasn’t his fault
-       - I will make him change
-       - He is a good person, he only lied because he had no other choice

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