Wednesday, 19 March 2014

I want to return but I’m not able to…

Darlings, I would first like to say that when I refer to the phrase from up top. It’s not just referring to people that are not in church but mainly to people that are in church, those that have not giving themselves to Him (in other words they are out of church)

The first step is the person recognizing that they are far away from God. This action automatically brings the person to repent…

This depends on one simple step, “Your Decision “ and you are the one that decides.

We have a God that gave us “freewill” in other words, lets us choose what we want however; what ever we choose we always reap from it.

You can’t worry about your position or title. You have to be sincere with yourself don’t think that you are the only one that is going through this. There are many others that are in “church” but are far away from it.

I remember when I was not being an exemplary assistant, it was not necessary for anyone to remove me, God Himself was rebuking me from that moment I humbled myself and asked to be removed so I could seek to be reborn (Holy Spirit).

This happened about 16 years ago, back then we didn’t have the tools or the help that we have now, but we have the Holy Spirit that warns us when something is not right. This is called “fear of God” it is preferable to be “wrong” in front of men then before God, who ultimately gave His life for us, who deserves our respect, awe and devotion.

An there is a promise for anyone in this situation…. Being humble is always honored. I made this decision, I searched for God, I did not care for anything or anyone, and I went and searched for help in the only person that could give it to me. Everything became new, I met the Lord I didn’t just hear of him but I searched for him with all my heart, strength and soul and I found Him.

When I had that real encounter everything changed and it wasn’t just for that moment or for a while or a change subjected to circumstances, No! It changed because I met Him entirely and developed my intimacy with Him, The more I gave myself to him the more I came to know Him.  This has become very glorious to me I’m still in that process and tireless pursuit, everyday be more beautiful in the eyes of God…

If you find yourself in this same situation that I was in, get rid of your preconception and make a decision, be humble, this will make a difference….

Your relationship with God, and for those who do the ministry, you will never be the same! Everything will be renewed and every thing will flow naturally, you will not need to force anything because it will come naturally.

In the next post I will discuss what the true fruits are.
Until next time dears,

Catia Rubim


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