Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Phone call

“My boyfriend never calls me, I always have to call him, is that normal?”

My friends, there's one thing for sure: when a man is truly interested in a woman, he goes after what he wants.
If he doesn't call, it's because he’s not that committed to that relationship.
Women, as usual, like making excuses not to see the reality: "maybe he's shy, I can call him, I know he likes me", excuses, excuses.
So, you end up calling him and the call lasts for five minutes. He has nothing to say to you, nor does he value your gesture. He is always busy and he does not have time to talk so, when he has a little time left, he calls you.

There's only one truth: he’s not interested in you, with all the means of communication that exist today, a person doesn't communicate if she doesn't want to.
So, does this mean that girls cannot call their boyfriend? No, you can call, but if he never calls you, if you always have to be the one taking the initiative and when you are talking he wants to hang up already, then wait; let him take the initiative, give him a chance to conquer you. If he does nothing about it, then you already know that he’s not interested, as simple as that.

What do you think about this? I would like to know your opinion.


Flor said...

What about married couples who travel on separate ways for diff. and sometimes similar business purposes? My husband gets far busier than me, and one of the reasons may be because I do everything for him at home. Unfortunately, it can take him up to 2 long weeks without calling or even text messaging me, so I get worried. I don't like to call him first after I took the initiative a couple of times already. How should I act on this side in the marriage?

Peniel Henry said...

I personally agree with this if a guy likes you or is interested he will make the effort.... there's no problem in calling him every now and again but tooo many Times will make you to seem "clingy"... and guys Do Not like clingy girls! They like girls who are independent and aren't afraid to venture on their own! But... also something I've learnt is that guys have a natural hunters instinct and like a hunter if they like something they go after it!

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