Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Who am I?

That was the question that I would mostly ask myself. “Who am I to be amongst the other pastors wives, they are much more spiritual than I.” “Who am I to go and counsel that lady with an education, I don’t even know what to tell her.” “Who am I to take such attitude, what will they think of me? I rather stay here in my little corner, that way I don’t run the risk of making a mistake.” My goodness, I was already making a lot of mistakes with all of those thoughts! I was not believing in the God that lives within me. Honestly I am nothing, I am small and simply a servant of my Lord. I know that I depend on Him for everything, He is the air that I breathe, without Him I am just a mount of nothing and I recognize that. However, when I am at disposal to serve Him, to please Him, it is He who takes control of everything that I will do.

My friends, this week I had an experience in which I heard a negative word that immediately saddened me. Yes, I am human and even I get sad.  Yet like everything that I write here I also put into practice in my life, my first reaction was to talk with God. I got on my knees and said: “Lord, I am nothing and no one, but the only thing that I want is to serve You and please You, please count with me. I want to please only You my Lord.” I finished my prayer, read the Bible and look what God spoke to me: Therefore the Lord has recompensed me according to my righteousness, According to the cleanness of my hands in His sight.” (Psalms 18:24)

God is the one that strengthens me. It is God who enables me and fights for me. If I am in good standards with Him, He will bless everything that I do. After I prayed and read the Bible God spoke to me:  “I am with you, see what I showed you in the Bible.” My friends, my heart filled with extreme joy. I saw God by my side giving me all of His love and affection. Jesus is so wonderful, oh how I love Him! That is what God expects of us, that we seek Him in the day of anguish and that we believe in Him.  The devil wants to discourage us, and attempts to make us think that we are nothing, that we are incapable, that we are no one, but if we have God and the Holy Spirit, then He is the one that uses us according to His will. We simply have to go forward, without fear, without doubt, and do what we have to do without caring what others will say. If it is for the Lord Jesus, then I will do it and give my best, because I know that it is Him that goes with me. Don’t allow fear or the feeling of inferiority to sink your heart, lets get up and do what God called us to do, if He is the one asking, it is because He will be with us!  Lets go and fight girls, enough of standing still in time!! Lets go forward!!

I want to start a plan of reading the Bible. Next week I will explain it better. I want to ask you to read the entire chapter of Psalms 18, do a prayer before you read and ask for understanding, after you have read and meditated, in the comment box answer the following questions:

How does David begin this Psalm?
In what situation did David find himself in the first verses?
How does David describe God?
Why did God reward David? Why did God answer him?
What happens to those that are not of God?                            
How does David end this Psalm?

Ladies, these questions will help you better analyze the message and at the same time you will be learning how to better understand the Bible, okay?

Juliana Furucho


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