Monday, 10 March 2014

Let me do it!

A few years ago I decided to help a person in the church that was rather complicated; a troubled past, many traumas, many things to overcome, a true challenge.
But I bought the fight, I wanted her to change and be different, surpass all her difficulties.
Always talking to her and when I would see no results I would call her again and were more hours of orientation, this happened several times.
Only that in wanting to help, I began to see how I had become a nuisance and very insistent, though my intentions were the best in the world, because I also wore myself out and lost time with her, I came across something new, even though I try, the desire is always of the person, in other words if she desires to do nothing about it, everything you say is not going to do any good.

Only that it took a while to figure that out, I thought to myself, she has to change, so many words that I have given her, it must cause some effect, It was then that the stronger part came, God showed me that I was taking the place of the Holy Spirit, it was like a low blow, but I realized that my part was to teach, and I should allow the Holy Spirit to work, after all it wasn’t me that was going to change her, but God. At that moment it was as if I had said to the Holy Spirit: “Let me do it”, we know that it is not by the strength of the arm, only He can make the miracle of the new birth, we have limitations as human beings.
It was an experience I had and now it serves to share with you and tell you that everything has a limit, We want to help someone, either a member, assistant, pastor’s wife, we should not impose anything on no one, we should be teaching, guiding and encouraging if necessary, but the decision will be made by each.

We will be calm in knowing that we did our part, we were not negligent, now if the person is humble to accept or not its their choice.
 Have you ever wanted to be the Holy Spirit in the life of someone, maybe in the life of your husband, with your children or friends? You Inadvertently stoped trusting God in order to help, wanting to impose things, control peoples lives, watching if they prayed, read the Bible, go to church, hear the word and put it in practice, etc…
Tell us about your experience, maybe you’re acting this way and have not noticed.


Rowena Legonas said...

Absolutely true Mrs. Tania, we don't have the power to change other people. We can only teach if they listen praise God but if not let the Holy Spirit speak with them. I have this experienced to pushing my sisters to change but seems doesn't work. So, I just prayed for them and now I can see that they change as they continued to come to the church to listen the word of God.

Mbalee B said...

This is true and fortunately I learnt this during the "early stages" of talking, talking, talking and trying to convince someone of the help they can receive from Lord Jesus if they trust and are faithful to Him.

May I also add that this is a bit dangerous, for the one that's helping, using the strength of your own arm also means that you'll carry the consequences of the persons actions or decisions that they take, whether good or bad, the devil will always be at bay to convict you if anything goes wrong.

Nikita Mnqobi said...

True Mrs Tania I tried being the Holy Spirit in my sisters life where by I told her to pray or go to church controlling her I thought it was for her own good little did I know it was pushing her away

Now I have learnt to give her space trusting God with her life praying that he sees her through the dark

#Touched by this Post

Beatha Shipopyeni said...

For me Someone was trying to help me to change but she never saw results in me, this is true because if someone is trying to help and the person being helped is not taking that decision to change, and only the holy spirit can change the person, speaking from my experience because I was always being helped but my eyes were closed until I decided to change and be serious and the holy spirit started working in me.

johanna malete said...

This is true Mrs Tania I used to be like that.. and I would actually demand to see changes right away and I was taking the part where God had to step in nd be the one that changes the person.. even though as sad it is that sometimes we do our level best to help someone an d when they don't change its like we can enter in their minds and make them decide on how we want them to be.. our work is to teach and only the Holt Spirit can convince and change that person... thank you

johanna malete said...
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Anonymous said...


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