Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Friends of the opposite sex

“I met a boy, he says he likes me and I like him. We dated but we already broke up like two times. The thing is, he has a girlfriend that he considers his best friend; she's beautiful, she’s the popular type of girl known by all; he keeps looking at her pictures. She is very nice to him, she keeps telling him 'I love you', and she keeps saying that it’s love from a friend. And I keep feeling less, this situation hurts me from inside.”

Let's be honest, a person who is committed and keeps having very close friendships with the opposite sex, will obviously make her boyfriend/girlfriend jealous. It’s not that you cannot have friends, everything has its limit, and there is a time and a place for everything. How can your friend tell you "I love you" all the time? Your boyfriend/girlfriend will not accept that and he/she is right.
Respect and consideration for your partner are very important in a relationship, if that doesn’t exist, it’s because there is no sincere love. If a person let herself be loved and keeps teasing her friend, it’s because she actually likes the guy and doesn’t know how to respect the relationship. Talking is one thing, now playing cute and trusting too much is something totally different.

We know that sincere friendships can exist and even childhood friendships, but in such cases, the friend will also know their limits and will do everything not to jeopardize the friendship, or make his girlfriend jealous.
If you want your relationship to work, understand your boyfriend’s position, take what he feels into account and respect him.
As we see in the letter above, the girl is in pain because of this situation and she gets to the point of feeling less; truth is, she actually feels threatened by the presence of the other girl in her boyfriend’s life and by the trust he gives to her, without considering her feelings.
Be wise, you don’t have to put up with such a situation. If he doesn’t respect you now, he will never do.

Wait in God for the special person, who will love you and respect you, you don’t need to live with this fear and pain.

There are moments in our live when we have to be drastic, no place for “middle ground” such as "let's try to see if it gets better". You saw that he’s not the ideal person, then take care of your future and your spiritual life.


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