Friday, 7 March 2014

I want to marry the pastor!

This happens often, the assistant (or church member) falls in love with the assistant pastor and wants to marry him. But there is one small problem, she doesn’t have a calling for the altar, but she is not thinking about it, now she wants to be with the one she loves, without having to worry about anything else.
Marrying a pastor is not the same as marrying a lawyer or teacher. The man of God needs a woman of God by his side with the same calling for the altar and who is willing to give up her own life. Otherwise, she wont be happy and neither can make him happy, because although she loves him, she is in a strange environment and ends up frustrated in the work of God.
The pastor thinks about the work of God’s and in helping the people, in what else he can do to help the people, if she does not have the same vision, she will think about her own pleasures, to go out, distract herself, looking for ways to spend her time with her friends. This assistant, in reality, has no pleasure in the things of God, and the work becomes a burden to her, something heavy. Because she went to the altar for the love of a man; the pastor who is her husband; and not because she loved the souls. And the consequence of that is that she will not develop, and worst of all, because the two are one, this pastor will have an unbalanced ministry, because his other half, although she is in the altar physically, is not in spirit and in truth.
So Then be honest, if you do not want to serve on the altar, you cannot marry a pastor, the work of God cannot be “pushed with your stomach”, she is a great responsibility. It wouldn’t be fair to destroy the ministry of a man of God, let alone make him believe that you are the right person that completes him to go on, when in reality you do not share the same dream of winning souls, and has no pleasure in serving God.
At first everything will be fine because you are in love, which is normal in the world: a woman falls in love with a man, but pay attention: Man of God! Did you see? There is a snap; man + God, is a different man who lives for God. On top of the love that he has for his wife, the love of God exists; He is first. Just as in the world man and woman go together, so does in the Altar; man of God + woman of God who loves God and the things of God above all.
” Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts and in the hidden part You will make me to know wisdom.” Psalm 51.6


asive pukayi said...

Afternoon Mrs Tania thank you for sharing ,easy to understand


Keitumetse Molotsana said...

Thanks Mrs Tania...I just read this post. it makes one to analyse themselves and see if really they want to serve on the altar or its only the emotions that blinds them, which will eventually go, as time goes on.This is really eye opening.

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