Friday, 14 March 2014

Developing Skills

We must analyze since what moment we found so many limits to serve our beloved God. He could never count on someone that has stopped in time, which is full of boundaries, that is full of limits within her, and that does not have the willpower to surpass oneself for His love.
Not always you have to learn something that you like, that is pleasurable for you, but what necessity demands, so then you prepare yourself to be more helpful for the Lord.
God does not delight in seeing his children stagnant, standing, thinking they have already achieved enough, served long enough, they learned enough. No! Serving is a fire burning daily in the chest of those that are willing, this fire consumes their will, their needs, their fears and their human side has no voice.
There are skills you are born with, and others that are up to you to fight to conquer them!
Some tips for you to develop skills:
- Do not be afraid to learn, even if it seems difficult, if you engage, it is certain you will get it;
- Never think that is not worth it, why learn to cook, if I can buy it ready, why learn to drive if I can ride the bus, why learn how to use the computer, if I can ask someone to do it for me, is it that you do not have the ability to do anything?
- Do not place barriers, do not say I’m not good at it, I don’t have time, nothing ever goes right, be positive;
- Do not be accommodated, maybe you always depended on someone to do your things and therefore have no interest in acquiring anew knowledge, think that one day you can be alone with no one to help;
- Do not be selfish. Think about how you will help your husband, the church and the people around you through your skills;
- Be sensitive. Be aware of the needs around you, you can help more if you have more skills;
- Do not despair. Do not want to learn everything at the same time, devote yourself to one thing at a time.
“I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13
And so friends are you willing to continue with this list?


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