Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Sex before marriage

Have you noticed that the world is upside down? Everything that is against the word of God is encouraged by the world. Values​, responsibility, commitment no longer seem to be appreciated; there's no sin for the world. People can do whatever they want without any remorse, since each one is his way and free to act as he wishes; that’s what they think. There’s only one detail, everyone is also responsible for the consequences of his actions.
In the past, virginity was more valued both by girls but also by boys. It was even a requirement to get married for many people. When the girl would lose her virginity while still single, it was a shame. Today it’s the opposite, those who are still virgin at 15 are a laughing stock for friends; they are perceived as old-fashioned and with a grimace. What was an honor once, became a shame nowadays; everything is upside down.

Be careful because the guys use the emotional to get the physical and the girls use the physical to get the emotional, neither is correct.
Usually, when they are conquering the girl, they send flowers, e-mails, they give gifts, they open the car’s door, they treat you like a princess; they know that they play with our emotions like that. All this is welcomed, if it comes without ulterior motives.
Sometimes, the girl gets carried away by all these details and she thinks that he is so safe that they will be no problem if she surrenders to him. After all, he is so romantic, such a gentleman, he would never do anything to hurt her; this is going to end up in a marriage, she thinks.
God's plan is for us to preserve ourselves for the wedding day, for the special person who will be our husband. How many young girls surrendered to their boyfriends thinking he was the man of their life and after the courtship did not work out, they repented bitterly. Furthermore, if you do it before the honeymoon, what beauty is in the wedding night? If both already surrendered themselves ahead of time, there is no more magic. The thought that it is necessary to have intercourse before marriage to see if they get along "well in bed" is something evil, because those who marry for love and have the presence of God, will surely be happy in their marriage bed; it can’t be another way. Staying pure is God's will because the woman has to value herself and not surrender to several young men until she decides who she is going to marry.

Furthermore, if you already surrendered to him, why would he want to get married? He already got what he wanted, there’s no need to formalize the commitment.
The price of sin is death, spiritual and also physical in some cases; just check out the number of people infected with AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, it’s terrifying.
When you surrender to your husband and vice versa, you are his alone and he is only yours, there is no danger and God is pleased in this.Read 1 Corinthians 6:17-20
Be obedient to the Word of God, if you please God over your boyfriend, He will honor you; your boyfriend has no right to stop you from obeying the word of God, he must respect your faith, if he does not respect you, why stay with someone like that? Think very carefully before marrying an unbeliever, chances are for you to be unhappy and to have a life of suffering, see how the problems and discord have already begun during courtship.

Be smart and above all things, God fearing! Sex before marriage will not show your partner the size of your love for him, it won’t get you closer, it's just sex for him, it won’t secure him.
Remain pure before God, your boyfriend only goes as far as you allow him to.
The two must make a vow to God to remain pure until marriage, and a vow cannot be broken, or will you fail God because of your boyfriend?
I would like to give you a hint; buy a wedding ring, not only to show that you are in a relationship, but for something much deeper. Make a prayer and seal this vow of purity with the wedding ring; whenever you look at it, you will remember the covenant that you have with God and you will respect that beyond any desire.

If your boyfriend disagrees with all this, then it's time to make a decision and to get out of this relationship, otherwise you will fall.


Thato Mochete said...

I am ready for this commitment of keeping myself pure for marriage, thank you Mrs Tania.

chalotte said...

Very true Mrs Tania, keeping ourselves pure for marraige that will allow God to honor and bless our marraiges. Thank you

Anonymous said...


ms guni,england said...

One of my family members took love life in their own hands and have made a mess. The relationship is so messed up that she has to fight her boyfriend boyfriend's all the time. The risk of getting stds and HIV are so high in this relationship.

Kimberley Williams said...

I love this Mrs Tania!

When I was a child (maybe 9), I vowed with myself that I would not have sex before marriage... I can't remember what made me say this but I have never forgotten this vow!

Before knowing God, it was not easy though, I was curious about what it felt like, especially when friends used to boast about what they done the night before with their boyfriends!

But thank God, I'm now in my 20's and I have kept my vow and my purity!

I think its something beautiful, right?! =D

Anonymous said...


Sandra Tatenda Kambasha said...

Thank you Mrs Tania for the message it is inspiring.A woman should value herself and give herself to a man to please him . A woman should rather please God over a man , that way God will honor her.

jack pino said...

Thank you Mrs Tania, i thank God that i took this decision to remain pure until marriage, and i stick by it.
thank you for the hint as well.

Anonymous said...

wooo this is powerful. Thank you Mrs Tania

Cecilia mametse said...

thanks for the message I will keep myself for the marriage no matter how long it will take but I will wait because time and everything belongs to God.

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