Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Popular Boys - "Bad Boys"

One thing, you can see out there, is that most of the girls like popular boys, the so-called "bad boys": those who are cute, rebellious, attractive and mysterious. Those ones that all the girls want to date, he is like a trophy, if she succeeds she would be the winner, she would feel all powerful.
"The “bad boy" is exciting; when he passes, all the girls stay with their mouth open, whispering about him. He pretends not to notice, but he steals a seductive glance at all those who appear along the way. He knows deep inside that he is the most desired boy and that's why he always allows himself to change girlfriends every time.
This type of behavior has attracted the girls a lot, but be careful, because this is the type of guys that makes the girls suffer.
She might even know that he does not really like her, but the pleasure of showing her friends that she succeeded, that she was the winner, is more exciting to her; so, she stays in a relationship with no future, knowing that it's all a game because the boy only has a shell, but no content; now let's see how he behaves:
- His family does not know how to handle him, he is rebellious and spoiled
- He has many girlfriends
- He is dangerous
- He never calls you
- He always puts you down
- He is problematic
- He never does anything to please you
- He is insensitive
- He is mysterious, you never know what's going on with him
- He is a fake and a liar
- He makes you feel bad
- He is proud, he even feels better than you
- He does not care if you like him or not
- He does not want to spend a lot of time with you
- One moment he is in a good mood, the other he is rude and harsh
- He does not care about your problems or the way you feel

As you can see, he has no admirable quality so he does not fit you in any point.
Beware, do not be carried away by the appearance, and do not take unnecessary risks.

Now let's talk a little bit to Christian men: you must assume your role, put your shyness aside and take control.
Do not only be spiritual men who pray and read the Bible, but also men of attitude, who make the difference, who are sure of themselves; that's what women are looking for.
"Bad boys" cannot compete against this type of men because they meet all the requirements a woman wants.
Do not be afraid to be "human", to have emotions, to smile when you are happy and cry when something that hurt you happened; that is not to be weak, but yes, to be "human".

We know that men do not cry as easily as women, but there are situations that can make them cry, that does not mean he is effeminate or sentimental, he is only a person made of flesh and blood just like you and me.


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