Sunday, 9 February 2014

”Does this only happen to me?”

Hi friends, thanks for your comments, I’m happy to know that the challenges I faced years ago can help those who are living them today.
So I decided to write this series, because many times when I passed through some situations when I first got married, in my personal life and even in relation to the Work of God, I thought that this only happened to me, that no other pastor’s wife had this difficulty or desert.
This made a knot in my head and I began to think “Am I right with God, I do not see anyone else going through this.”
I found refuge in God, of course, that’s always our solution to everything in life, but knowing that everyone had gone through the same thing or something similar would have helped me a lot and it would be easier.
You see? You are privileged, because in those days we did not have access to what you have today, let’s be honest, your life is much easier? don’t you Agree?
So the point I want to address is the following if you go through a difficulty, do not hesitate to ask for help, guidance. Many because of fear, shame or whatever it is, do not seek for help and go through great struggles, unnecessarily, as the saying says they make a storm in a glass of water, thinking it is something from another world.
This will prevent the devil to take advantage of the situation, and to blow things in your mind accusing you, to the point you become spiritually weak, or think that you are not good enough, or that no one else goes through this and that you are wrong.
I know many identify with the articles, but must follow the coordinates, agree?
So today I will leave a little homework, if something is making you feel uncomfortable, if you are going through an inner struggle or event, if the devil has taken advantage of that to oppress you, you will seek help with the pastor or his wife and finish with that weight once and for all.
Already passed or is going through that? Leave your comment.


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