Tuesday, 4 February 2014

I don’t even reach their feet

I was beginning in the work of God, now my responsibility was greater as a pastor’s wife, but I was unable to do many things.
There were other wives, more experienced, more mature, I admired them very much, but I looked so helpless before them.
“Uhau, they are so spiritual, they express themselves so well, will I be like them one day “?
The questions came and went, I was looking at me and limiting myself that way.
It wasn’t the pastor’s wives that made me feel that way; I was the one that decided to compare myself to them.
While I was thinking I limited the power of God in my life, these thoughts made me stop in time, and decrease myself for been young, immature, God could not use me as he wished.
It would be like comparing your food to your mothers or your mother in law, there is no comparison, how many years do they have in advantage?
Many right, but that does not mean that your food is not good and nutritious, it’s just not as delicious yet, but one day it will be.
In the same way, even if you are young, an apprentice, even childish at times, that does not make you inferior.
We shouldn’t compare ourselves, that is bad, what we should do is strive to learn, but never think that we will not get to be like those women who we admire.
There are things that only come in time, lived situations, obstacles faced, and experiences with God, this brings maturity, wisdom, and quickness in solving situations.
So friends the lesson is: do not compare yourself to anyone, maybe now is the time to learn, but one day will be your time to teach.
If you have compared yourself to other people either at work, school or in the work of God, tell us how that has affected your life.


Kimberley - Bullring, UK said...

I struggled alot with comparing myself to others in the past which allowed me to think so low about myself.

I have changed so much today, but those thoughts still try to divert my desires, plans & dreams.

For me, to compare myself to someone else, it feels like 'energy' being taken away from me. It played in my mind to try to convince me that others were better, more beautiful, more capable, more wanted, more loved, more liked than me.

Today, these sort of things still come to my mind, but I have the power to dismiss them or allow that 'energy' to be taken away for me to feel low and down.

More recently, I spoke to my Pr. Wife about a fundraisng idea. Thoughts like 'who are you to do organise something like that?' 'You won't be able to take on that task, it's better if an Assistant does it!' 'you're not even that beautiful, they are not going to listen to you!'

But then I chose to go against all those thoughts/feelings and promptly said to her, that I would organise it (if it is approved by Pastor & Bp)!

Just last week, someone personally said to me 'who are you?' even though they said they were joking, I was abit shocked at that comment. As I said to God afterwards, I am absoutely nothing, but I believe in myself and I believe I can make things happen and I so much want to be used by Him. I don't have to have a title or position in the church to be 'someone', and I sure don't have to compare myself to others because God can use me if I am bold, willing & available.

Anonymous said...

This was one of the biggest obstacles in my spiritual life. I compared myself so much to others and it was only last week I realized how much I limited God to work in me and use me more by these thought I had about myself. I no longer compare myself to others and I have stopped being so hard on my self because these thoughts are what generated the other thoughts. Thanks for this.

symphonia Danielle said...

Wow this blog & your comment just made my day thanks for sharing I am definently going to share this with the girls within my team!

Raija said...
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Raija said...

Comparing yourself to other people is a very hard and difficult moment.

there were moments when I always compared myself with other assistants and even with my sisters in Godllywood and I always thought they were perfect and they did their tasks well better than me and that they always have nice clothes while me I didn't have nice and modern clothes.

with time I started doing my tasks any how and sometimes I didnt do them at all and I would not be so free to talk to other girls or other assistant, soon after I saw my faith fading away, the devil spoke alot in my mind that I'm not capable of serving God and I was always unhappy and I waited for others to do things because I'm not worthy of doing so until when I realised that something was seriously wrong and if I dont put my eyes on Jesus and seek Him for my inner transformation and for HIM to work in my mind and eyes so that I see things the way He would see, than I will get weak. step by step I started talking to the pastors wifes for help and I took a decision not to be the same ever again as from the my life started changing, I see things in the different way and I learned to trust in God. I always tell God that I might not have experience as much as others do or maybe I dont deserve as others do, here I'm Lord, let your will be done in my life and use as much as you want and really now I'm an instrument.

I still have alots to learn because my everyday desire is to serve God more and were ever He sends or whatever He say I'm ready to go. no more waiting for others to do things while I can simply do it. everyday is a learning process for me.

I'm privileged and happy to serve God.

Jhestine Ebron said...

Hi Mrs. Tania! When I used to do this to myself, I saw how I was blinding myself to see the good life and future that God has been working to show to me. I had hard times of looking at my potential and worst believing in them! And so, instead of moving forward, I got stuck - not confident, demotivated and sad in life.

Estella Arroyo said...

Hola Mrs. Tania!! :)
I did compare myself to many ppl in the work of God and in school or even my friends!
it was horrible I but myself very low and God didn't used me how he wanted.. I compare myself in looks , I will think other ppl we're better than me on their talents... I thought I was useless. and till now I am still facing my fears.. thanks for making understand that I don't need to compare myself cause now I know I can do better so God can use me in my youth and my talents and unknown talents lol :)
God bless u <3

belle said...

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andrea chiu said...

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Anonymous said...

I really like to thank you for this article, because in my life I grew up always being in someones shade, everything was always done for me, I have always been protected.So this became a problem as I grew older as I had to teach myself independance...Everything I did never seemed good enough because honestly speaking there was always that person that is practically better than me...so I thought that there is something wrong with me or I1m just not good enough, and thought less of myself or that I'm LESS capable of doing things even serving God1

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