Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Passionate and blind!

Hi friends, after two weeks without our Wednesday’s post about love life, today we are back with a very enlightening article. You will be amazed!
Have you ever seen those guys who seem to be so perfect? When you are alone with him, he is calm, understanding, he listens to you, he respects you, he is the dream boy. But when he is with his friends and you approach him, he transforms: he is rude, he makes fun of you, he speaks out loud, he acts as if you were not there, or as if you were not even part of his world, and that’s the truth, you are not; you were just a challenge, a competition or a bet that he wanted to win.
If God already showed it to you but you keep praying and the situation does not improve, things go wrong, take action: end up with this relationship because it has no future and it can jeopardize your salvation.

Many are destroyed today because they had ​​a bad marriage, they are far away from God and they lost the faith.
The problem is, many girls like to turn a blind eye to the facts, "well, he is this way because he lets himself be influenced, but when we are together he is wonderful", "he is not that bad, he has many qualities", don’t fool yourself my friend, it is what it is, and you must accept the reality of the facts.
Value yourself, love yourself, respect yourself, that way you will not accept who treats you badly and despises you.
I know that many girls would love to find certain qualities in the man of their life; I think I will write some here. Who knows? It may help young men to acquire these attitudes. 
Boys pay attention, see what girls like:

-       for you to be a family guy and to respect your parents
-       be kind
-       do not flirt
-       hold the door open for her
-       be attentive
-       know what she likes
-       be sensitive to her problems
-       tell her what you feel
-       intelligent
-       transparent
-       never deceive her or lie to her
-       show her how much you like her
-       humorous
-       spruce

Do you want to know who the right person is? He is the one that loves God more than all things, including more than you.
So, do you want to add something to this short list? Fell free, leave your comment.

And why not share this list with your boyfriend?


asive pukayi said...

very true Mrs Tania ,if a man does not love or fear God how can he love and fear you? thank you for sharing.

Sriwidayati Wydia said...

Thank you for this wonderful Msg, Ms Tania Rubin.

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