Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Choosing the right person! Watch for signs!

“How to know if the person is of God, whether it's the right person? I don't want to make a mistake, how can I identify?”

When comes the time to choose, we must depend on God. The young woman who wants to have a blessed relationship should not take any action, without first praying to know God’s will.

Never should you start dating, without first praying and waiting on God for a confirmation in relation to a person.

After this prayer time, if you are sure of yourself, go ahead; if you have doubts, do not take any hasty action.

When your heart falls in love, you keep insisting, you keep praying, or you start taking actions. You give into that passion, maybe you want to win the person by force, and this shows that you don’t actually want to do God’s will. You want to follow your heart, your feelings, without thinking.

Whenever you insist on doing something that does not go according to God’s will, the consequences are disastrous, you start doing things that you shouldn’t do and you fall in the future.

Sometimes you want something so badly that you think you are using your faith, but in reality you are acting with emotion, there’s no way it will work.

If you are confused, lost, you need to pray, and to take into account God’s will. When you are sincere, God will give you the strength to wait for the right person, without being anxious, looking at those who are dating or married. It’s better to wait for the right person at the right time, than to be hasty and destroy your own life.

During this time of prayer, God will show you things, stay alert to the following signs :

- the first thing to be taken into consideration is whether the boy shares the same faith; who marries someone who doesn’t live the same faith will have a life of suffering

- look at his actions, not only toward you but also toward other people

- be attentive to his conversations, because the mouth speaks what the heart is full of

- see if he is converted; being a member of the church doesn’t mean being converted

- if you see something wrong like bad character, falsehood, deceit, lack of fear of God, don’t try to manage the problem, run away from him.

So, what else can we add to this list ?


Raija said...

thank you for sharing Mrs Tania.

Asive Pukayi said...

thank you Mrs Tania ,for sharing ,i must put God first .

keitumetsi mapilo said...

Thanks mrs Tania for sharing I will surely use these tips in the near future!

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