Thursday, 16 January 2014

Challenges of the Altar – My Capsule

Since I was a child I never liked being the center of attention, I always preferred to listen than to talk, I do not know why and maybe I did not see it as a problem, after all with the family was fine and I also had friends, it wasn’t a drastic case.
Since my sister was the parrot of the family, there was nothing to worry about, my shyness was not bothering anyone, even because at home I felt very comfortable and when we were with friends, my sister filled the air and I didn’t need to get out of my capsule, I felt comfortable there.
After I began to serve God, I would evangelize normally and attended the people in the church, but when in a group or a meeting of assistants and later on pastors, she would appear, the importunate shyness.
Does that tell you anything? The heart beats faster, coldness in the stomach, voice trembling, red cheeks, yes friends she would come to irritate me.
As you might imagine, it bothered me, I did not like being that way.  I began to look at the situation with different eyes and feeling uncomfortable.
How could God use me if my shyness impeded me and prevented me from acting. I needed to do something about it!
I began to pray about this matter, I prayed a lot, but did not see great results, until I was able to see the solution: to overcome shyness it does not depend on prayer but about attitudes, I for myself had to overcome, God was with me, but I had to go against that, acting against my nature, do things differently.
Today I can say that is a face I overcame, not that I’m a super outgoing person, but my shyness doesn’t impede me from acting, there is nothing I have to stop doing, she is no longer a problem for me.
So friends, from experience I say, do you want to overcome shyness? Do things different, take initiatives, and never say “I can’t or I’m not able” show your faith that is to overcome challenges. You must pray, but do not forget to take attitudes, so that you won’t lose opportunities.
The difference is not if you are shy or not, but in overcoming shyness in every situation.
In the following article I will post some pictures of situations that I had to overcome, so that you may know that it is possible, they are some examples. I have a motto: Never say no to God.
And are you in the faith?


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