Sunday, 29 December 2013

First step towards successful courting

So let’s go find out which is the first step to be taken, you should think, is undoubtedly choosing the right person.
Wrong, I tell you that you are totally wrong.
The first step is to examine yourself, see if you're prepared to have a relationship at this time.

For if you are spiritually bad surely you are going to choose wrong and place your feed through your hands.
See how your spiritual life is, ask yourself the following questions:
- Do you invest time in your life with God daily?
- Do you depend entirely on God regarding your love life?
- Are you being an example to all those around you?
- Are you strong spiritually to the point of following the will of God for your love life?

If your answers are affirmative to all the questions then you are ready to take the next step, if you see that you are not well spiritually, you should first think about your relationship with God, and then think about dating. God wants you to have a commitment with Him that surpasses any human relationship.
Your success in your sentimental life depends on your communion with God and not your life with God depends on your love life.
Do an evaluation to not reverse the order of things and therefore go wrong.

Until next Wednesday with the continuation of these articles on love life.


Nosithembiso Mvalo said...

I want to be blessed love life. Thanks Mrs Tania

Asive pukayi said...

Very true Mrs Tania ,if my relationship with my first husband is not good ,therefore my second relationship with my husband is not going to be good as well.really if i put God first everything shall follow.
Thank you ,kisses

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