Thursday, 19 December 2013

Challenges of the Altar-Home sweet home

As promised in the previous article, now we are going to talk about some tips on how to live at home if you live with another couple, so that there will be peace and harmony.
You asked me to speak, so then here we go:
* The golden rule: respect. Learn to respect the individuality and privacy of the people who you live with, the house is for the both, but never enter the other persons room, her personal things are there, it’s the only place that it’s just hers.
* Do not impose your will, be flexible, everything can’t always be your way; other people also have the right to choose.
* Be willing to surrender and give in, for this we must treat people living with us like our family and not strangers with whom we have to share our home.
* Everyone must be clear in their mind that the house in which they live in is not theirs; it belongs to the church and therefore no one gives orders at home, or take decisions without consulting those who also live there. So everything that has to be done in relation to the house must be with the consent of those that live there. There is no such thing as, “I lived here first, so I give orders at home”, no, the house is under both of your care.
* I have seen people that make their house a hotel, they go to church in the morning, and come back only at night and go straight to their room, they only use the house to sleep, and she doesn’t spend time with the other pastor’s wife who she lives with. The two live in the same house, but they seem unfamiliar. Imagine the bad environment.
If we are family, we should act as such, shop together, cook together, sit down to eat together, that’s how families act, and not every man for himself.
* Be sensitive to the difficulties of the people, help those who are by your side. Sometimes the wife wants to do everything in the church and forget to serve the Lord Jesus in her own home, reaching out to who is by her side.
* You’ve heard the phrase “oh forgive me, but I don’t function in the morning “, what a sad apology for those who wake up with a closed face and think that others have to endure that. It is very rude to wake up happy, leave your room and find the other person with a closed face, she doesn’t even say good morning. Could it be that if you go to church in the morning, or talk to your leader, would you dare to go with an ugly face? I doubt it, so then do not do the same with the other wife who lives with you. Everyone could have a bad day, but every day is not normal.
Do not miss the opportunity to make new friends, and make your mark on the life of the person with whom you share your home.
*Be clean and organize, do not leave your belongings around the house, do not forget that you share the house with other people.
Do not forget to make your house a home sweet home.
“If possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.” Romans 12:18
I would like the pastor’s wives to add more tips, by leaving your comments, it will help a lot.

Kisses dears! There will be more on Friday.


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