Sunday, 1 September 2013

Behavior of a pastor’s girlfriend – 5

Friends, as I promised my friend Janaina Almeida will tell us her experience, I hope it helps.
“I came to the church because of my love life, I could not take any more suffering and to be deceived by illusions that made me unhappy, I was tired of doing my will, so I put my life in the hands of God.
It was not easy, when I decided to serve God, the struggles increased, and I had to say no to the temptations, at work and at school, where I was often criticized for choosing to wait and trust in God with my love life. But I did not care because I beat the anxiety, I began to give my best to the people of God, because I believed that if I took care of His people, God would take care of me, I threw myself into the arms of God completely .
After a while a pastor came, to the church where I was an assistant, he came to me and told me he liked me and wanted to pray with me, I remember I said that I did not know him very well and that I did not want, but he insisted, and so we began to pray. I always asked God’s direction not to let myself be fooled, I remember this pastor once complained that the church was cold, that the people were cold, so I decided to start a purpose of prayer for the people in the middle of the night with him, and he said for me to pray, because he was not going to wake up in the middle of the night to do so. I began to realize that something was wrong, that the problem was not the people, but him; he was cold, because he had no love for the souls to the point of refusing to wake up and pray for the people. I won’t forget a day that I knew he was going to call in the night, I prayed to God, I cry out for an answer and said, “My God, I do not accept to suffer again in my love life, so if he is not for me, show me, because I do not want to do my will, but Yours” At that time, God put something in my heart very strong, and when he called I asked if he was to choose between the work of God and me, which would he choose?
And he said that he would choose me, so I asked a second time, and he said he was sure, he would pick me, there was my answer, it was a trick from the devil to make me fall, to steal my most precious possession, my salvation. Unfortunately, many assistants pray and ask for God’s direction, and He talks to them, but many prefer to listen to their own hearts and are driven by anxiety.
That’s when I told him that I didn’t want anything else with him, because I did not want someone who would put me first in their life, it wouldn’t work, God had to be first, then this would be the person whom I had asked God for.
After two weeks he called me to say that he wasn’t going to do work of God on the altar anymore, he preferred to do his own will.
But I thanked God for saving me, I continued in my faith, and in a short time, God blessed me with a man of God, today I am very happy, I live by faith and I have next to me a man who has the same goals as me, to win souls. ”


Anonymous said...

Love life is not a joke this makes me open my eyes SPIRITUAL EYES- I have to wake up.

candy said...

Dear mrs Tania! it was really good for your friend to put that pastor into test otherwise she was going to marry a wrong person who was going to divert her faith, dream and a believe; that's why the Bible says in the book of 1 John 4:1 "do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see wheather they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. That pastor was a false prophet because really man of God chooses God before everything.
Thank you
From Candy

Yoyo said...

I had the same problem of someone saying he would choose me over the work of God, it just didn't sound right to me. Its really important to test the spirit.
Thank you for sharing Donna!

dorah molelekwa said...

dear mrs tanIa thank you for sharing with us it really helps because many thinks a whatever a pr says is from god they trust more a pr than God.thank you

JULIANA said...

Dear Mrs.Tania
I agree with this testimony, a person who wants to serve God has to prioritize HIM first, then all other goals will be achieved, specially the sentimental life, when we have pleased God first.

ms guni,england said...

I always thought it was God, my self/partner and the work?

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