Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Behavior of a pastor’s girlfriend-4

Today we have a different story than the others, my friend Cristiane Gutierrez suffered during courtship with the pastor, not with problems between them, but because there were people inside the church, who could not comply with the commitment of the two and acted in a fleshly way, it’s sad but it happens, here is the lesson.
“I started going to church because of an invitation from my mother, when I came to church, my husband was a pastor. And it was he who was in my church, he was my pastor, I always participated in his meetings, and was delivered, and got baptized in the waters.
Then he was transferred to another church. I was baptized with the Holy Spirit and then came the desire to serve as an assistant. Later came the desire to serve more and more, I remember it was around this time that I started to like my husband. He was in the cathedral, I remember one time I went to the bookstore and saw him talking to another pastor and felt that coldness in my belly, but I thought it was the devil and rebuked it, but what I felt was growing, that was when we spoke and began to pray, we prayed for five months and after this time our courtship got an approval.
I had a desire to serve God on the altar, I was in the same spirit as he was, but it wasn’t that easy, we had difficult moments, as well as all that is of God has its struggles, I went through a lot.
I was already my husband’s girlfriend, and many assistants would sent him little notes, others gifts, and others Walkman’s with new songs and messages telling him their feelings, they all knew that he was committed, but I didn’t give up.
It was not easy to know that many assistants instead of being happy for my blessing, wanted to fight for a committed love, I could see how the anxiety was leaving them blind, but I went on with my purpose, and prayed for those assistants.
But the struggles continued once we had an assistants meeting, and when we left I went with some assistants to go in a van and there was one that when she saw me come in, she came out and said she would not go in there at all, just because I was there, it was so ugly to see the attitude of this assistant, she showed what was in her, she was not humble, and the worst thing was that she wasn’t worried with the desire of the flesh, instead of trusting in God, she wanted something that already belonged to another person.
As if this was not enough she sent a message to my mother saying that she will only stop praying for him, when she sees him married at the altar. I saw that our union was of God, because there were so many persecutions, unfortunately many of these assistants are no longer in the work of God, the devil managed to steal the blessing they had, all for a deceitful heart.
However, I believed and got married, trusted God without wanting revenge, or with the strength of my own arm. The fights were great, but God honored me.
Today I am very happy, I serve on the altar with my husband, I love and I am loved. ”
Note: Next week, we will have the story of a relationship that did not work, you want to know how the wife (assistant at the time), acted??


ms guni,england said...

This sounds like an episode on a reality tv show. Bad girls or Housewives of atlanta. Very sad on the other girls part.

Yoyo said...

This just shows how the devil is at work, but nothing can stand in the ways of those who fully trust in the Lord!

Asive Pukayi said...

thank you Mrs Tania
whatever that is of God ,won't come easy ,but we must prove him that we can trust him.
thank you for sharing

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