Sunday, 25 August 2013

How do you react to problems?

We all have problems, but people have different ways of reacting to them, and that makes all the difference, of this will depend the result.
We have the example Joseph of Egypt and Dinah’s, Jacob's children, the two were brothers, had the same education, the same teachings and both went through very difficult situations. Dinah’s abuse and guilt after seeing broken people perhaps her own curiosity having followed her desire to know the daughters of the land and come across people who did not have their customs or the God of Israel, and Joseph suffered betrayal and injustice, envied and sold by his brothers, found himself separated from his family and alone in a foreign country, was imprisoned unjustly accused of something that he did not do.
The difference was in how each of them reacted to the tragedy.
Let’s look into it further:
·      *she closed up in her own world
·      *surrendered to suffering and was never happy nor accomplished
·      *lived sad
·      *did not react
·     * did not overcome the pain
·      *simply disappeared from the Bible, she did not conquer the same as her brothers who became the tribes of Israel

·      *did not surrender his strength to pain and sorrow
·      *did not keep hurt of his brothers, remained clean before God
·      *decided to make a difference in any situation, even imprisoned
·      *sought strength from God, he decided to go forward
·      *learned to forgive
·      *did not pay with the same coin
·      *fought using his faith and obedience
·      *always maintained his character as a man of God

And you, how have you reacted to problems?
Do as Joseph, do not surrender your strength to suffering, God is with you and you can be happy, do something for yourself, or will you remain buried in your own suffering.


Candy Skhosana said...

Dear mrs Tania
That is true we all face problems or challenges in life and it is true that the only different is how we react towards those problems. And for every situation God prepares us so is up to us if we react positive or negative to whatever problem we face because in every problem there is a solution. After all God will never allow problems that are above our strength to harm us.
Thank you
God bless you

Yoyo said...

Thank you Mrs Tania, indeed we cannot bow down to our problems, instead we should stand up and make a difference in this world. We were not called to be weak but to be strong and take possession.

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