Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Behavior of a pastor’s girlfriend – 3

Hello friends, today I have the story of my friend Marelis, her courtship was long distance and she tells us how she acted. It’s a bit long but worth reading!
“I was an assistant for a short time and I was living a unique experience so far. The experience of finding a wonderful God who had filled my soul and giving me the greatest gift; my salvation. I felt complete, fully happy. I was in a complete honeymoon with God and even said that I did not need anyone, because I felt complete. So, I was not worried about my love life, so great was my satisfaction of having found God and to serve him with my life.
Until one day, I received a call from a bishop who had been in the church where I was an assistant, but now he was in another state, and he said he was looking for a woman of God to get to know a pastor, he was someone who had been through struggles and had remained faithful, and wondered if I would be interested in getting to know him. At that time, I had to think fast. Although I was not looking for love, I did not want to reject a blessing that came from God, and what made me say yes, even without any idea how he was physically, was to hear that he was a faithful man of God, that knew what he wanted, because the struggles, whatever they had been, had not made him give up. That caught my attention, and in a few days, we exchanged phone numbers and began to get to know each other even through distance, because I was in Miami, and he was in New Jersey.
From there, my war begun in prayer for my love life; I did not want to be cheated or fooled by my heart. Despite having the certainty that he was the person God had chosen for me, in the third telephone conversation we had, I still did not stop praying. I got to the altar, as follows: “My God If this union does not come from you, then make something happen and do not allow us to get married “that was my prayer when I went up the altar.
We talked on the phone every day. The time was short, he was taking care of a church and I worked voluntarily in the church full time. The only time we had to talk was at night, after the day’s duties were over. For about four months we dated by phone, I did not call him even once. Although I had his cell phone and could call whenever I wanted, I had never taken that liberty. He was calling me every day. I did not want to bother, I knew he was a busy man with the things of God, and wanted to wait for his call, that happened every night, without failing. We talked a lot and about many things. It was a period of discovery and evidence. Just as he was trying to get to know my character, I evaluated everything he said, for maximum certainty that he really was a man of God.
After 3 weeks talking on the phone, I traveled to New Jersey for a weekend to meet him personally. The Confirmation that was missing! We click, fit, we had a tchan, this is what some people say when two people meet and are sure to have found their other half. I was already charmed by his character, that day I loved the full set! I must confess that in a picture he had sent me before, I found him a little chubby for my taste. Good that I did not make that an issue. Have you thought about losing a blessing for little things? I have seen assistants reject a man of God just because he did not have the physical appearance they idealized in their dreams. And others who chose too much, but did not have spiritual eyes, and fell into an ambush. The physical part is important, but not the main thing. It has to be the full set. And if it’s from God, there won’t be any doubt.
On the weekend we met for the first time, we got engaged and we signed a commitment to get married. We did not have a date yet, so when I returned to Miami, we continued praying and making purposes so that God could bless and do His will in our lives. At that time, the longing was strongly. We continued talking on the phone every day, getting to know each other every day more. The best way I found to deal with the anxiety that was appearing at the time, was to devote myself more to the souls. I did not stop to daydream. I was always doing something for God, filling my mind with other things and preparing spiritually for this great responsibility, to serve God at the altar. My biggest  dream was about  to come true. Not the dream of getting married, but the dream of serving God on the altar. To be all day in His house; to live for the souls. What more noble and rewarding work can exist in the face of the earth? And God honored the sincerity of our hearts and our faith. We received authorization to mark the date of our marriage and six months was the complete time since we met, until we went up to the altar.
Next month we will complete 11 years of marriage, and our love grows every day. We are fully aware that we are happy only because God was and still is the first in our lives. He is the glue that binds us together and without him, none of this would be possible. When the desire of a young girl is  to please and serve God in truth, He will guide you to the right person, who has the same objective, so that the two can be and do more for God together. It is true that the devil will try to prevent, and even send the wrong people, to confuse, but the one that is spiritual will discern who is of God and who is not. ”
Obs.: I know I said there would only be three articles on the behavior of a pastor’s girlfriend, but some issues arose and I will extend this series. Hope you like it! 


Anonymous said...

very interesting

Yoyo said...

Oh wow what an inspiring story!

Lee-Anne said...

Wow Mrs Marelis, your story really showed how much you trusted God and really God works in ways we don't see and He honoured your trust in Him,

I am inspired thank you for sharing so much interesting

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