Monday, 1 July 2013

Beauty Stain Series - Rude

"Oh, what a rude woman", surely you've uttered these words in relation to any store clerk, in traffic, in the market, but you never thought that this defect is at everyone’s reach and without wanting we commit that mistake and talk some rudeness in our daily lives, with family, amongst friends, in the street, at work, etc…

Here are some rude phrases and often used in day to day life of people:
"Go find what to do", "no one asked your opinion," "you did no more than your obligation"; "share that shame you put me through"; "you should be ashamed of yourself," "your blind, you did not see that I was first? "

We've always heard, "education fits in everywhere," and it is true, a rude person and impolite loses all their beauty.
A person can be rude in talking, in their tone of voice and even in their gestures.
Surely you have seen someone being rude in their manner of speaking, expressing with arrogance in a rough way.
Others their tone of voice is so harsh that what she says becomes rude.
We can also be rude when we say something at the wrong moment, in a moment or unsuitable environment.
And lastly being rude in gestures, body language also speaks, although not imitating sounds, it's still an ugly way and unkind to express yourself.

Be careful! You can also be rude when you write, sometimes the person does not have the courage to say something face to face and decides to send an email very unmannered and rude, and you can imagine one's anger through those words, actually being able to hurt.
Sure you will not come down to her level and strike back with another rude email, please; look at the stain that wants to show up.
A rude person, always ends up offending others, not choosing their words, has no respect, speaks with intentions to hurt, does not care if she will embarrass the other person, she is entirely unpleasant, you're even scared of what will come out of her mouth, it’s always a surprise.

As a task you will verify whether you usually say these phrases, which everyone says, but that are really rude and makes you an unpleasant and unkind person.
Help us find more rude phrases, leaving your comment.


Nomasonto Charity Maseko said...

You deserve what happen to you'who do u think you area'who asked you anyway' I could have done it with out your help u didn't have to help me. Those words really are can be rude went said to someone
Thanx mrs tania for this revelation

Juanita Kona said...

"It didn't really make any difference, you being here or not" ," I don't need help, I can do it by myself" We have to be very careful. Thank you Mrs Tania!

Buhle said...

Good day Mrs Tania

Thanks for the message; this will certainly help keep us alert of our actions. Here are some rude gestures that annoy! me and some of them I've unfortunately done (:-(), rolling your eyes when someone is expressing their opinion, when one just shrugs without saying anything when asked about someone or something, having your own little conversation when someone is addressing a group, texting while someone is trying to have a conversation...etc....

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