Thursday, 4 July 2013

Beauty Stain Series – Long Face

“Could something have happened? She looks angry, could I have said something she didn’t like?”
You have seen that person with a long face or a frown, she always looks so serious, doesn’t smile, people think a thousand times before getting close to her. Her face is so tight it causes fear.
This is also a defect, it causes the person to look ugly and not transmit an interior beauty.
See if it’s true, when you go somewhere where you don’t know anyone, and you see a person that gives you a smile, that is already an invitation that you can get closer and feel confident walking toward her.

But when you see a frown, you do not feel comfortable, not even to ask for information.
This happens on the street, at work, in the church, it could happen anywhere, even inside your own house.
The truth is that there are some people that wake up with a frown on their face. They are so serious that the person close to her thinks that something has happened to her, or she is angry about something.
They are people that seem to be mad at life, sometimes it could be something meaningless, but it could be an interior problem that should to be resolved.

Everybody can have a bad day, but if your state of mind is like this every day, it is not normal.
Whoever has the Holy Spirit does not have a long face, it is unpleasant.
Have you noticed that a smile harmonizes, calms, pleases, a smile knocks on and opens doors.
Smiling beautifies your life and makes you prettier. If you don’t have that joy, search for it in God because He can give you that joy that comes from the inside. It is not something superficial or forced, it’s real.
You are happy with life because it has the presence of God and nothing can take away that joy.

Your task will be to smile, yes exactly, every day you will smile at people, at home, in your job, at school, and in the church.

Be lovely!


Anonymous said...

This sounds like people in Europe, they are all made. In Africa people smile.

Anonymous said...

it seems like i wl get more beautiful everyday,i like this task so mch nd i wl double effect the beauty that God hs already given me wth a smile

jeani paligan said...

I remember when I'm new in a class or work, what I do is to look for sOmeone who smiles back at me which means I can ask questions or I can have lunch with her. Smile gives message, more than a word. Thank you, Some people ask me why I have a long face so I will try to smile often.

candy skhosana said...

Dear mrs Tania
Most people usualy say's says when you always have a serious face you wrickle quickly so we must always have a smile to keep ourselves young and beautiful. The Bible says in the book of Ephesians 4:26 "In your anger do not sin Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry." When you are always angry you give the devil a chance to work in your heart. Thank you
God bless

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