Thursday, 27 June 2013

Beauty Stain Series - Gossip

"Girl, you don’t know...", You can see, usually the phrase of a gossiper begins with these words, she is already warning that she is going to say something of someone, or say something that she found out and is willing to spread it, after all she is a gossip, not envious.
With such people you can’t say anything near them.
All she hears or sees she’s unable to keep to herself, her tongue itches and she has to tell everyone, in addition she likes to add and spruce up what she’s heard, thereby changing original news, it’s dangerous.
Doing it for pleasure or sometimes to show what she knows or has seen, always in search of news to have to tell.

Well the reason why she does it is actually not relevant, the important thing here is that this person is not trustworthy, people begin to stay away and when she arrives everyone goes silent, why do you think?
Those who approach her it’s because they want to know something, and they know that she will tell, after all it's not hard to get information of a person like this.
This attitude is really ugly and worst of all; the person does not notice that this stains her beauty, for her it’s something normal and pleasurable.
If you want to be a trustworthy woman, that people feel safe in venting or trust something to you then you need to be discreet and control your tongue.
As a task, when you have an urge to talk about gossip, you will dominate yourself.
Speak the truth; do you trust a woman who gossips?


Diana Nkomo said...

Thank you Mrs Tania,I don't think ther is anyone who trusts a woman who gossips,I know one woman whom people don't mention anything when she is around even what one ate for dinner because you will hear about it and in a twisted way and its really not nice to be avoided like that.

Sindiswa Qwalana said...

Gossips always had news for everyone but never good news this makes me wonder...yes Mrs Tania i agree not to be close to someone whose like this after all what value does she gives you as a friend if she is giving you a stain and ugly stain in your beauty.

Buhle said...

Hello Mrs Tania

Gossip is such an ugly stain that is easy to adopt when one has nothing to do but talk about others.

Keeping away is key, if the gossiper has no recipient than her illness will not be fed and hopefuly soon enough they'll realise that it's ugly.

golda said...

I usually say that people that gossip about others have a low self esteem if they find other people more interesting than trying to improve their own.I think among us ladies it's very bad and we need to be aware how it contaminates us to be involved and entertained with gossip.We need to act and pray against this spirit so that we may be able to help each other.

LekgoleN Mwale said...

So very true, it's staining her beauty, it does not matter how beautiful you could be, if a gossiper you are untrustworthy and ugly. You will be left alone with no friends.

Maryrose Sehlu Siziba said...

Thank you for the message. i have seen lately that if you are a gossip people don't trust you anymore.

candy said...

Evening mrs Tania

This is so true no one wants to be close to a gossiper. The Bible says in the book of James 5:5 "Likewise the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. consider what a great forest set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among all parts of the body. it corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life a fire and itself set on fire by hell. so we should always watch what we say with our tongue, otherwise our tongue will take away all the beauty we have and will also take us to hell.

Thank you
God bless

asive pukayi said...

really gossip is such an ugly thing .thank you for sharing

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