Monday, 8 July 2013

Beauty Stain Series – Self-interested

Hm! This little defect is very well hidden, but depending on the situation it can be very evident.
Clearly the person knows that they are self-interested, but to everyone else’s eyes she could seem sincere.
The person that is self-interested always has a second intention which will benefit them, it’s clear.
She helps, gives gifts, makes the sacrifice to be there for you, does favors for you, compliments you, but you are aware that there has to be something in return. She does things thinking that she will have some benefit down the road, she does it with self-interest.
Normally, this type of person knows how to choose their friends very well. It would be useless to befriend someone who has nothing to offer, who she cannot take advantage of. She is the famous friend of convenience. Their attitudes are coldly calculated, everything is planned.
There are some that are self-interested but they disguise it. There are others that are interested and they are shameless. Clearly any of the two forms are wrong.
Some examples of the disguised self-interested:
v Gives gifts and behind your back talks badly about you, but at the same time wants to impress you
v Gives compliments but inside they are saying, “how ugly” or “how ignorant”
v She does things not out of love, but because she knows there will be a benefit
v She does a favor while thinking that later on she will also ask for a favor, so it is better to give first and later feel like she has a “right” to ask

The shameless:
v I will only do this if you give me that
v I will accompany you if next month you take me to a certain place
v I will help you with this but you have to say good things about me to our boss
v You can leave it, I will do it for you, but later I will charge the favor.
v I won’t do it because you never do anything for me.

Don’t think that it only happens in friendships, it also happens in the relationship between a worker and a boss, a husband and wife, in every type of relationship.
Now the person that is not self-interested is sincere, does things with love and purity, and expecting nothing in return.
Your task is to analyze if you have been self-interested with someone and remove that stain from your life. Are you willing?


ms guni,england said...

Have met such people, very selfish.

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