Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Guilty List!

“Then the Lord raised up against Solomon an adversary, Hadad the Edomite, from the royal line of Edom.” 1 Kings 11:14.
In the passage I wrote above, we can see that God Himself rose up an adversary against Solomon, he had strayed from the path of God and corrupted himself with his idolatrous women.
Solomon no longer pleased God and He wanted him to see that and change.
Sometimes your life is very good, apparently everything is calm, when all of sudden a hurricane rises, a storm that seems to come out of nowhere.
When the person goes through struggles and tribulations, the first reaction is to search for the guilty.
The leader is guilty, Mr. So and so is guilty, it’s an injustice from all men, everyone is guilty, but she is never on the list, her name never appears.
Meanwhile, she starts having bad eyes, bad feelings in her heart, she begins to live in anguished fighting with her own strength.
What she does not know is that God allowed that situation for her to change in something.
Certainly He has tried to show you one way or another, He has used someone to speak to you, but nothing has change, so, then the only way God found to show you what needs to be changed, was to create a difficult situation, take you to the desert.
When all is well, the person is not worried about changing, she doesn’t see if she has mistakes or sees in what she needs to change, but when tribulations come she humbles herself and begins to see within, in search for the reason for such storm.
At that moment she has the opportunity to change and to show God that she got the message.
If the person hardens her heart and insists in the mistakes, she will be in the desert until she changes, until she understands that it is not her way, but what God wants.
So if you are having a hard time, do not spend your energy looking for the guilty, look within  and see what needs to change, take advantage of the desert so that you won’t die in it.


Anonymous said...

The easiest thing is to look for someone else to blame.

That's one thing I have been putting into practice, to analyse myself first. When I situation happens to ask myself, 'what is God trying to tell me through this & how can I use this situation to better myself'. I do this because I came to realise that when I don't, I end up making myself the victim & finding faults in others. Mady

Charlotte Banda said...

There have been times when I have been hit by certain situations that seemed as if they came from no-where, all of a sudden its as if a 'tornado' has passed in my life causing me to lose my ground. Yes, its easy to look for the blame in everyone else except myself. Its true these situation that happen are meant for me to look inside me for what is wrong, not look outside for someone to blame

Chelcia Tavares said...

thank you Mrs. Tania , it is true that is always much easier to blame than to admit and look with different eyes , but i'm working on that thank God i already went trough some situation recently and i'm learning a lot .

Anna said...

In the desert is where true Man and Woman of God are moulded. Thank you Mrs

monono mary matonzi said...

Yes Mrs Tania whenever God show us our mistakes in a calm way we don't get it until a certain situation hit you then you realise that you need to pray and asking God what happened what you did where you have to change otherwise you are not going to see the need of change

golda said...

Thank you for your advice Mrs Tania.Rebuke is not nice but it's one of the ways in which He shows us His love.At that moment it's very difficult to see the situation as an opportunity to change something but through this post I have learned not to look to blame but to look to change myself.

Sindiswa Qwalana said...

Wow this is true problems are meant to keep us up on our faith so we may say thank you Lord now i have something to fight against, a desert id for us to recognise our mistakes and humble our selves before God, so sometimes we must say thank you i have a problem now i can be more closer with God

Rebekah Diaz said...

Mrs. Tania that is very true but when everything seems very cam in my life I already know that the devil preparing a "big problem" for me and before It actually comes I start fighting with the devil in my prayers. When when the problem comes as big as it looks for me is small because I have someone who is bigger and stronger then my problems which is God.

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