Sunday, 24 March 2013

Assistants in Focus Series 21 - I like him, but he likes my friend

"I like an assistant, but he likes my friend. He asked her to pray with him, but she refused, I know she did it because of me; because she knows I like him and does not want to hurt me. But I also do not want to impede anyone's blessing, I do not know what to tell my friend, help me. "

A love life is always a sensitive topic, because it involves feelings, but using reason is a good portion of common sense and always essential.
Why stay living of what could be, or nurturing something that will make us suffer? If we were more objective we would suffer less, right?
Well now let's answer the question, in this case your friend has already proven that she is a true friend respecting your feelings for the young man and denying praying with him.
I think that now it's your turn to show your friendship and let them try, because if he does not like you, you cannot force it.

I know it is difficult to make way for her, because it involves your feelings, but it is the best decision, this way you will avoid suffering insisting on a feeling that is not returned.
I know many young ladies act differently, they want to fight to the end, exposing themselves, acting by the strength of their arm, they even act by flesh, but we must always choose what is right, what pleases God.
Maybe your friend is just waiting for a word of encouragement on your part to be able to make a decision to accept him, since she respects you and does not want to hurt you, then be honest with her ​​and let them have the opportunity to get to know each another.
Never forget, God's will always prevails, trust in God your love life; He never forsakes those that are His, never.


sinazo said...

Good day Mrs Tania
What you are saying its true because when you feel something for someone that person has to feel the same way about you to because if he does not then you need to put your love life in the hands of God and he will be the one to show you the person for you

Anonymous said...

I think you should trust in God and leave it on his hands. God will be the one that can guide you on who is the right person for you.

Briony Bangura said...

I have not experienced this but I have come to realise that things will not always go my way, especially if I have given my life to God and allowed His will to take place in my life. I need to trust God in everything. It can be painful at times, but like a good father He knows best and is taking care of us in everything.

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