Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Is He above your own will?

Many say, God is above my family, of my possessions, my job, everything, but the question is, is He above your own will?
Have you really denied the desires of your flesh to please God, or everything has a limit.
You can reject invitations of your family members to fulfill with God, put your possessions at the disposal of God and not love money, but when it comes to your desires, how do you act, does God come first in this situation or you simply aren’t able to resist and go forward with it.

-How easy it is to say no to family, but how difficult it is to say no to the flesh and follow its desires and most perverse instincts.
-How easy it is to say no to the pastor that asks you to evangelize, but how difficult it is to say no to fun with your friends.
-How easy it is to say you're tired to read the Bible or going to church, but how difficult it is to say no go out or watch television.
-How easy it is to feel anger, desire for revenge, pride, but how difficult it is to forgive, forget and be humble.
-How easy it is to judge and criticize, but how difficult it is to control your tongue.
-How easy it is to think that everyone is wrong and only want to get in your life, but how difficult it is to recognize that you are wrong and need help.

There are many things to meditate on, right my friends, but after this article you will find out if he really is above your own will.
You may have denied many things to follow God, faced many others, but if you cannot deny your flesh, you are an incomplete christian and therefore you can never have the fullness of God in your life.

“And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.” 1 John 2:17


Anonymous said...

This has been a stronghold that has made my relationship with the holy spirit suffer, MY SELF WILL, the lust for money, greed and pride. Letting go of a boyfriend.

It has only just recently changed when I let go which has not been easy, but it can be done when you are sincere with God.

Anonymous said...

I am struggling with my flesh. It is a great battle but I will do it.

phelisa said...

The battle with the flesh is the most fierce because it has to do with our own will, but when we overcome we show God how much he means to us and the 21 days is the perfect opportunity to show this to him and even more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks,Mrs. Tania we need to deny our flesh and put the will of God first. We need to be in communion with him to have the strength to deny our flesh.

elisa said...

Dear Mrs.Tania
Thank you for all the messages, denying our self for the will of God is important more especially if we claim to be Christian and claiming to be his children, we should die for this world and leave to pleaze Him.

Thank you

Thumeka Fakwayini said...

To be a child of God its not about words, is someone who is really live under the will of God. Inorder to become a child of God you have to pay the price. The price is to deny yourself, deny your flesh from the desires of this world. And you are not going to lose anything. What good is it fora man to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit his very self Luke 9:25

Anonymous said...

This is very true, Fighting our flesh can be hard but with God everything is possible, and to be a true christian we must sacrifice the points u made above. Emelda

Thanks Mrs Tania

CANDY said...

Dear mrs TANIA
If we are able to deny our flesh it is going to be easy for us to overcome anything because our flesh is our worst enemy, the way our flesh is strong even to read the word of GOD we only read or understand what suits us.


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