Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Assistants in Focus Series 20 - Deserts

We always read about the heroes of faith, that the Bible tells us they underwent spiritual deserts.
We also ask ourselves why it was necessary go through this, being that it is not something pleasant nor easy to bear, so why would God allow such a situation.
The truth is only one, God wants to speak, and He has tried many ways but did not succeed, so in order for a servant to listen they have to go to the desert. There they will feel alone and desolate, the only solution is to get closer to God and that is when they are able to pay attention and hear what God has to say.
In everyday life there are so many distractions, hustling, things to resolve, family, friends, television, work, how can you hear the voice of God in the midst of so much confusion?
Moreover when everything seems under control, quiet or guaranteed, why bother to stop and listen to God? A servant sees no need in that.

This is where the Holy Spirit takes her to the desert, away from everything and everyone; no one can help, intercede or defend. Now it's just you and God, the situation is difficult, it hurts, it seems unfair and no way out, but it's the only way He can find to make you pay full attention on Him and therefore talk to you and reveal what He wants from you.
We always grow in the deserts, mature and change; we are molded and become better for our God.
If you're going through your desert, do not fight with the strength of your arm, just listen to God's voice and obey.
Now do not confuse what I'm talking about with the deserts you caused, those you are going through because you are reaping what you sow.
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Anonymous said...

I will never forget what the pastor once said " You can run but you can't hide from God."

Anonymous said...

Thanks,Mrs. Tania, it is hard when one passes through the desert but it is always for good.

Phumlisa pukayi said...

Thank You Mrs Tania, this is what i go through every time...i've learned something

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