Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Hello friends, sorry for disappearing, it’s that I moved and you know how it is, I need to organize myself.
After nearly four years in Miami, known as the Sun City because it is hot all year round, now we're in Chicago, known as the windy city, it gets cold here, it snows and very windy!
We know that this time was not in vain, we saw people arrive at the church at rock bottom and are now set free, others who did not want anything and today are assistants, and I had the privilege of starting the Godllywood which has approximately 70 participants, also project Rahab which has helped so many women.
Of course that parting was not as easy as this, it is not only the people who feel it, we feel it too because we gained a lot of affection for the people, who become our family, but all for the sake of God's work.
Some tears were inevitable, but it is very gratifying to feel the love that the people and the assistants have for us, our greatest joy is that everyone continues firm in faith.
Even though we left a family behind, we know that here we find another, every place we go; we have new experiences with God, we meet new people and learn a lot.
I ask you to have a little patience with me, until I am able to put my things in order and then continue with the articles here on the blog.
I leave you some pictures, for you to see the snow that received me in Chicago and for you to see the city :)
Can I count on you?

Snow behind me: 

My little dog Dot, also came, of course!

Our church:

The City...


Anonymous said...

Cute dog!

Cute hat too!

england, lodon

cphosethu said...

"Hi dot"

I believe that you received a warm welcome from Chicago Mrs Tania and that the people will be blessed as much as those of Miami through your sacrifices....I will wait for you to settle in then


Jennifer said...

Welcome back Mrs Tania. Change is not always easy, especially when we are used to certain things. However, change brings about progress. Progress brings about new victories. I pray that God will give you new victories in your ministry, and inspirations that will continue to bless us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Tania,

You remind me of a modern Mary Poppins =D

I love your curls, your hat and your puppy too! Supper cute x x x

Estella Arroyo said...

welcome to Chicago Mrs. Tania ! :D

shyani omrawoo said...

Hi Mrs Tania

The snow is really thick and i once heard that chicken soup is very good when it's freezing.

In Christ there's no goodbye

Marcia Pires said...

Dear Tania, I wish you well in this new experience of life you will be having and I am sure that new daughters in faith will be raised through your love, prayers and example. Share with us all the blessings that will be coming your way. Kisses

Tania Rubim said...

Thank you mrs. Marcia, God bless you too

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