Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Assistants in Focus Series 13 - Servants?

“Hello Mrs. Tania, I am an assistant and I have been following the assistants in focus series, it’s very interesting and has been very helpful, I decided to write to you because on last Sunday we had a meeting with the teachers of the EBI, and the disrespect from some of the assistants towards the pastors wife caught my attention, since she wasn’t the regionals wife, they would question everything and would not accept what was being placed by her, but as soon as the regionals wife entered everything changed, I see the lack of respect not only towards the wife but towards the Holy Spirit.”

This was another email I wish never having received, because of the sad content that we see happening amongst people that say are of God, but of Him they have nothing.
We notice that unfortunately there exists people doing the work of God, but that never had an encounter with Him and do not have the minimal condition do be a part of a spiritual work, because they are still carnal.

Forgive me if I am being a little hard but there are things that have to be mentioned and I feel that I have the obligation to not allow that people who act this way continue deceived, thinking they are filled with the Holy Spirit, but in reality are not true servants of God.
Those who serve God, serve everybody the same way, those who serve man choose who they serve.
“You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.” Galatians 5:13

Task: At times we serve those who are above us, thinking of a reward or in being noticed, but this week you are going to do something for someone that cannot give you anything in return. You are going to serve this person with all your heart, but it has to be someone that perhaps you may have seen with disdain, that one you will serve.
Later share with us your experience.


amanda said...

Thank you For sharing this message .

Its is important to Have the Holy Spirit , because when we have the Spirit of God will have the Spirit of God and we will know who are we serving . Also we will know the Authority of God regardless of the age .

If we are still serving a man , then our Reward is not from God .

Thank you

Aneeka K said...

I will do this,
Thank you for sharing

Boitumelo said...

As servants we need to understand that we serve God through serving others, so what we do to other people we are doing to God. When we disrspect people because we are looking at them with natural eyes, we forget that regardless of who they are and what positions they hold, or even whatever position they do not have, they are there put by God for a purpose. What we do to them, we are doing to God.

Briony Bangura said...

I have seen this behavior before, where 'servants' chose who they should respect and others disrespect. This is very ugly and it is important that we have the right intentions and we are correct before God. I will be mindful that I treat everyone equally, ultimately I want to serve and please God therefore I have not right to disrespect anyone, or even look down on them.

Another helpful post. God Bless you.

ms guni,england said...

I just ignore let God deal with them.

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