Sunday, 13 January 2013

Assistants in Focus Series 12 - Counseling

Today we will talk about the importance of counseling at church. We know that people come with problems and need guidance. As the pastor is not able to counsel all people in need, the job of the assistants becomes essential in this purpose of counseling.
Only we must be very careful, therefore it is necessary to be in spirit, always seeking God's direction, because the person will do what you tell them, and advice given badly can be extremely damaging.
What can happen sometimes is that the person can expose a very complicated situation and you do not know what to say, in these cases do not feel embarrassed in saying that you are going to take the person to the pastor so that he can counsel her, because you do not know what she should do.
That's not shameful, it’s better to be honest than give the wrong advice and the person suffer the consequences.

For example, a married woman suddenly is undergoing a very complicated situation and needs some advice, but you are single and feel unable to guide her on this matter, call an assistant who is married or the pastor's wife.
Be conscious, you are of God enough to take this attitude, do not be thinking about what the pastor will think of you or even the person, that is not important, what matters is for her to leave the church with the right advice and blessed. By doing this you will be really helping the person.
So now you know, if you do not know how to counsel, do not do it by emotion or by the position of assistant you have, be honest, it is the person's life that is at stake and the right advice can change her life, just like a bad advice can destroy it even further.

Task: When a case like this happens that you do not know how to counsel or solve, you'll be humble and sincere in telling the person that you will take her to the pastor for him to counsel her.
If something like this ever happened to you, leave your comment.


Boitumelo said...

It is true that people seeking help will follow the advise servants give them, they trust us and the focus of counselling should be the people and not ourselves and our image. Honesty and sincerity are valuable traits, and in being honest about our abilities and short comings, we grow and develop as we know where to focus our energies. I may be able to unable to counsel on certain issues today but as I grow and develop daily, I will one day be able to do what I cannot do today. Through prayer and seeking God's guidance mostly, we can do what He wants us to do, He can guide us accordingly.

Sindiswa Qwalana said...

Dear Mrs Tania

Humbleness i agree is the most important thing in the work of God and what makes us to remain is when we seek and practice this humbleness, i am a single women and have come across to married members with marital problems and if i do not know how to help them, i refer the couple to the pastor, better i seem weak in the eyes of man and strong in the eyes of God,this way i'll remain if i practice humbleness and it's working well for me.

Briony Bangura said...

When counseling people we need to see the bigger picture and have the intention to bless them, even if that means it is not necessarily us who will do that. I will bear the task in mind when I face such situations of not knowing how to advice people when counseling.

mitchel ngarangombe said...

I an newly appointed as an assistant and I appreciate this post so much it is never too late to read anything that is posted by you Mrs.
Tania.. This really blessed me and gave me a proper guidance of what I exactly suppose to do when I begin to council someone inexperience situations. Thank you Kissses

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